Monday, January 9, 2012

Lizards and living room

It seemed perfectly satisfied, sunbathing by the window. Yes, it was so quiet I thought it was sleeping or dead, and therefore would be easy to do in a cup and take out. I was wrong. I miss a lot.

When my shadow came between her and the sun slipped the blue-tailed chameleon under the couch. I tried in vain to find it, it was gone - who knows where?

The meeting reminds me of the nature of the relationship.

Have you ever had this experience? You have a good day, people enjoy the warmth of friendship or family, when suddenly one of the "shadow" appears in the form of a careless remark or a surprisingly dark mood and makes you want to disappear. Or your shadow indicates an early and blurt before you can capture the warmth of the relationship was cold - or worse?

So how do you know when your shadow appear? How do you argue before the damage to your relationships? A good place to start is by recording your dreams. Since your unconscious shadow side, it is often in your dreams in the form of characters not recognized aspects of yourself. The more you aware of your "dark side", the more you are able to bring in the light of consciousness and transform it into good.

Chameleons are known for their ability to be in harmony with the environment, and I have not found one in my living room. I hope that a more appropriate place to sunbathe found - outside. My "shadow" is not a bad thing, but just need a more appropriate way to express themselves - in the light of consciousness.

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