Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do you agree that having a pet adds up a lot of responsibility

If you adopt a pet, consider the space, time and money in becoming an owner.

Space for a pet

If your house is full of precious carpets and upholstered furniture, so cats and dogs may not be suitable. Cats are difficult to contain in one room, can jump a fence and yet not respond to any tells. Dogs that can be absorbed by the interior fences require different rooms depending on size. Active dogs of almost any size needs a doghouse. Also, the bigger the dog, the more interior space, it must be happy. Of course dogs and cats better than affection, and other pets can be wonderful companions.

If you constantly have to worry about damage, you may consider small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish. For small animals, you should use a suitable location for a cage. Small animals often carry viruses such as strep throat, which can be taught to children. For this reason, the cage in an area is not a family farm. For fish, you obviously need a tank. Consider how it will be located, what water can do to the furniture and how easy access for cleaning. An aquarium - or perhaps lizards in a terrarium - may be in the room of a child if the child is old enough to be entrusted to the temptation to play with the animals. Finally, if you are interested in birds, you need to cover the mess that most birds do. Bird droppings and food are thrown about by even the smallest birds.


Each type of PET requires a financial issue. For those who begin with a bird, fish, small mammals and lizards, the original invoice cage, aquarium or terrarium. Care for these animals is generally limited to food and bedding, maybe $ 15 a month. Aquariums replacement filters at $ 10 or more per month.

Cats and dogs purchased from a breeder or a pet may run from fifty dollars to one thousand of rare breeds. An average of $ 125 to $ 300 is a regular publication of a popular breed like a cocker spaniel or a golden retriever. Adopting an animal from a humane society runs $ 35 to $ 75, but generally includes a free neutering at a local vet and first shots. Cats and dogs have a rabies shot. There is also a regime of shots for each, which total hundreds or more with a vet. These costs can be repeated annually. It is important to consider these costs when the debate to buy a pet.


Weekly, even daily cleaning may be necessary for small mammals cages, bird cages and lizard terrariums. Aquariums need new filters monthly and must be frequently cleaned. Dogs need walks several times a day, unless a kennel. Cats tend to take care of itself. A cat litter box should be cleaned daily to prevent odors.

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