Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Insight on Western Bearded Anole

If you are the more exotic reptiles, enjoy the Western Bearded lizards. They are fun, but it is not a reptile that you want to process. They can emphasize why our stress onto this lovely creature? Males can measure a length of 58 mm and women are roughly the same size. Males have a light brown to orange-brown back surface with a yellow belly, which is disabled women. A turquoise area around the eye that may spread to the top manager. Women are not as pretty as the males of a dull color, but they occupy the middle of the back row and sometimes a white flank stripe.

The anole home to be tropical. Males have a flap under their throats, and has a longer snout in adults. The valve will blow up in red fringes, when you see the desire to breed or show his territory.

Males 1-2 large scales on their belly to the tail base. Women have only one or none of the shells, so you can distinguish sex as they mature. With two in the tank house will be stressful because they prefer to be alone. Two males will fight. A male and a female is ok if you want to breed. It is best not to experiment, so to see if they come with two of the same sex.

A tank that several inches of sterilized reptile bark substrate has a good and just cause in the cortex can not fit into their mouths. You have a 40 watt fluorescent bulb on all day, which will generate 75-80 degrees of temperature. Turn off the light at night and use a black light. Maybe you want to go with two lamps each change.

To create the moisture they have, use some plastic plants and they will drink from the leaves. They love the fog and mist your anole and plants in their aquarium for 10 seconds, 2-3 times a day. The anole will regularly drink water from the leaves of the plants.

Feed your reptile about every 2-3 days. They love crickets. Now, this is important. If you buy crickets in bulk, follow a process called "gut-loading" crickets to feed a vitamin-rich cricket food, which in turn fed to your anole. This way you will get nutrients to them, and add a vitamin supplement power fabric. Let them run around the tank, so the Western Bearded lizards may get their inherited desire to hunt for their food to satisfy.

If you have not imported the anole they will end up with MBD or metabolic bone disease and die. They say "you are what you eat" is very applicable to the anole. Nutritious crickets will give you a healthy anole. Starved crickets will lead to a starving anole. Spend the time to properly feed and dust the crickets as you want for your pet healthy. You can use a larger crickets. They are not one size, so you have a pet that will work and give you want you need. You will enjoy your western bearded lizards.

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