Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Interesting article on giant Leopard Geckos

re you big prey for leopard geckos? Large lizard usually around 100 grams, but some morphs may actually increase. Much bigger. Read on and discover the giants and supergiants of lizards designers in the world to know.

All About Size

Your lizard may be classified as a giant like them around 80 to 110 grams in weight at the time they are one year old. The supergiants were larger, easier to get to 110 grams in weight a year. Now, these creatures are not just fat or particularly heavy ... These measurements should be like a normal lizard, but bigger. Remember, if there is a difference between a real and a giant lizard that obesity alone.

Tremper Giants

One of the most popular breeds, and said that the original source of Tremper line fighting giants and supers. Back in 1999, did Ron Tremper a very large lizard, reaching almost 4.5 inches, even as a baby. At the end of the first year, it was about a meter long (11 inches). Plus, it's an albino, which means he is one of the genes of the difficult possessed regressive nature of lizards to produce. The first fight is when several of these giants. The now famous Moose, the record holder for size in lizards, grandson of the first fight.


Great unit, which contains genes to create beautiful patterns and colors that you have come to love about lizards. This means you can make giants and supermarkets in albino, tangerine, red stripe, Carrot-tail, and so on.

The giant feature itself is said to be genuine co-dominant. This means that a line of Board practice, so if you want to do larger animals, everything you need to do is to selectively breed of super-giants and giants, and the other supers.

The Famous Moose

Moose is one of the first super-giants in the world. This beautiful creature who was born in May 2001, bred from Tremper line lizards. By the time he broke the world record for size, he was 11 and 3/8ths inches long and weighed 156 pounds! Unfortunately, the great Moose died in 2007. His legacy lives on even when many of the giants and supergiants can now be direct descendants of the line or its related otherwise.

The Legacy

Among the descendants of Moose made a name for themselves. Get reach the price of about $ 500 or more, which is much in these lizards. Hot couple as Moose, a great grandson of Moose said that was sold for less than $ 1500! You can find many of the descendants of Moose among many breeders out there, and the legacy of Moose is sure to live on for many years to come. Use of the needs and interests of large leopard geckos are still rising, we can expect bigger and better for the Giants and supers to go out to each generation.

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