Saturday, January 28, 2012

Information on Beautiful Galapagos Islands

Galapagos is known mainly as a result of the observations, Darwin did in the 19th century. These observations helped him to his theory of evolution by natural selection to formulate. It was a great place for such comments, because variety of wildlife is amazing. Here are some of the animals you would expect to see if you ever visit to the Galapagos Islands.

First Galapagos tortoises

These creatures look like they came straight from the dinosaur era. There are 14 different subspecies of Galapagos tortoise, especially distinguished by their long necks and shell shape. Unfortunately, three of them recently died.

Second Pacific Green Sea Turtle

This is the only species of sea turtles that call the Galapagos Islands are home. In the first half of the year, they waddle on the beach to lay their eggs. If you volunteer at the Charles Darwin Research Station, you can help trace and mark all the eggs are laid. You can also go snorkeling to see them glide gracefully through the water.

Third Lizards

Galapagos is home to several very different lizards. One of them lives in the sea which is the only species of lizards in the world for his entire life in the sea. The other type of living on land and can eat cactus without even removing the spines. Even on Earth lava lizards, which are bright orange and red.

4th Cormorant

These birds are found throughout the world, but the Galapagos cormorant is the only one with the inability to fly! Instead adapted to a very efficient swimmer and can dive deep into the water to catch fish.

5th Penguins

Maybe you think penguins are generally found in cold regions. Normally this is true, but this is the Galapagos. This is the only penguin found in equatorial region, and is the northernmost species of penguin in the world.

6th Boobies

There is a wide variety of breasts on the Galapagos, including red-footed, blue foot and masked boobies. You can see them dive over 25 meters underwater just to catch a fish.

7th Frigatebird

This is the scavenger of Galapagos. Instead of catching food for themselves, he looks at the other birds catch a fish, and then tries to steal from them.

8th Finches

It would be a shame to miss the Galapagos to visit the famous finches. There are 13 different species, as Charles Darwin extensively documented, can be distinguished by their beak size.

9th Mammals

You can also see many furry friends in the Galapagos. There are bats, sea lions, seals and even rats.

10th Under water-

Besides the island, there's a whole world to explore the water. There are dolphins, sharks, eels, octopuses, corals and numerous tropical fish.

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