Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to deal with Leopard gecko fighting?

Is your beloved pet fighting all the time? Leopard gecko fighting is a real problem. If your pet to get rough, they can harm themselves or other Leos. Left on their own, they so serious that one of the lizards can die! Do not let this happen to you and an end to the fighting with these tips.

Fighting Man

Leopard Gecko fighting is mostly due to two males in the same tank, especially during mating season. Two males fighting for dominance and potential partners in the region. Races of men are known as very serious and is not known to improve with time. It only gets worse and worse until one of the Leos are slain! When they are young, you lizard each other well, but as they age, people will eventually develop a very aggressive attitude towards each other.

To prevent this, it is best to separate from your husband. The trick here is to identify the men before fighting breaks out. When they are young, it can be very difficult to tell the men apart from the females. Try to check when they get older. Men want a hemipenal bulge just behind their vents. They also have a number of anal pores formed in a "V" just above the bulge.

Linking Fights

If you want your pair of Leos, to prepare for the matches. Your men will get aggressive towards women. Biting is not uncommon and you may even end up with some injuries. This is normal and should not go beyond male aggression if she accepts the man progress. However, the woman refuses, the women fight back, and it is at this point that you have to act. Divorced lizards, at least for a few days to major damage. You can try to match later after a cooling period.

Serious Injuries treated

If lizards draw blood, tend wounds immediately. All open wounds are key areas for infection. To prevent this, use of topical antibiotics and other veterinary approved products. Do not hesitate to call your vet if something does not look right.

Unexplained Aggression

Sometimes fights break out for no apparent reason. Some users have even reported matches between women in an all female tank. The thing to remember is that these beings are still animals and they can be very unpredictable. Even if something should apply, of course, and Leos sometimes has other plans.

Some factors can help prevent these inexplicable events. The first is to control your tank size. Try to keep your lizard in a tank large enough to prevent overflowing. Approximately 20 liters per gecko, more than enough. Sometimes the tank is too hot. Do not forget your two areas of temples, one of about 90 degrees and the second in a cooler 80 degrees or lower. Also stressed lizards can be strange. Try to ensure that the lizards are generated by controlling their hiding boxes, and make sure they have enough water and food, and cleaning out the tank from dirt, feces or uneaten insects make.

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