Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gather some insight on The Existence of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are admitted to be tough and big creatures of the past. They are considered reptiles and feed primarily on meat and plants. Many people around the world are fascinated by these creatures. These are used in several movies, like Jurassic Park.

The word dinosaur comes from the Greek words together deinos and Sauro means terrible lizard. Dinosaurs were prehistoric animals existed more than 200 million years ago during the Mesozoic Era. These creatures are grown in many different types during their life on earth and disappeared mysteriously during the Cretaceous. Based on surveys, there are 700 kinds of dinosaurs that have been identified, but it is believed that there is more that have not yet discovered.

Researchers continue to look for fossils to find answers to the presence of prehistoric creatures. Fossils are found in almost every continent of the world. Most are located in Asia and North America.

Dinosaurs vary greatly in size. The smallest among the dinosaurs were Compsognathus, which corresponds to the size of a hen alone. Among the largest is the sauropod, measuring about 100 feet in length. This type of dinosaur with a long neck is known as a plant eater.

Actually, the dinosaurs are classified according to its size and shape. Dinosaurs, which feed from the meeting (carnivorous) is called theropod. They are considered as two-legged animal with 3 toed feet. The Carnosaurs belong to the theropod family, which are small and also the fastest in its class.

Among the larger types are sauropods, a four-legged dinosaurs like Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus. The Ankylosaurs are dinosaurs with spiny armored Tails with a strong body. There are also dinosaurs that front on top of the head as Triceratops and are classified as Ceratopians.

There are other existing animals during the Mesozoic Era, many people incorrectly identify themselves as dinosaurs. The creatures are really not because they have the same features as the dinosaurs. Researchers have identified characteristics of dinosaurs.

In general, however, dinosaurs wear some basic features. Four-legged dinosaurs were animals, but some of their class goes on two legs. The main inhabitants of the shore. Their bone and muscle structure is unique. They have the cheek muscle that extends from the jaw associated with the skulls.

Dinosaurs have a vertical time and usually extend their bodies with their legs. Their hip girdles are composed of three bones: the pubis, ilium and ischimum.

Researchers rely so much on fossils to study and recreate the look of how dinosaurs during their existence. Survey shows that some dinosaurs with sharp, pointy teeth, while others have flat teeth. This means that those with sharp teeth eats meat, while those with flat teeth feed primarily on plants.

Researchers also shown that dinosaurs could run fast because of its well-proportioned leg bones. They also discovered that the dinosaurs have a sensitive hearing and the site is based on cavity seen in their skull.

Because dinosaurs are set to be close to the birds and reptiles, scientists assumed that dinosaurs lay eggs. This is verified, because the researchers were able to discover a fossilized eggs in many different places in the world.

But scientists are still learning to learn more about the rituals of these creatures, when mating. But one thing is proven, there is an easy to reproduce dinosaurs based on the domination of the entire area of ​​100 million years.

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