Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Insight on Albino Leopard Gecko

Albino leopard geckos are one of the more popular morphs around. They are not the easiest to breed, but comes with the pale color morphs are a common quest of many breeders and enthusiasts. To help you discover more about this unique morphs, here are some facts about them.

Three races

There are three lines that carry the albino trait: they Tremper line, Las Vegas or storm water, and Bell line. Oddly enough, these lines seem half gene to their unique properties to control. Crossing one of the lines with one of the other lines will result in a normal looking guy, although most still carry the various features that will allow their children to look pale.

The Tremper is still the most common of the three. They are named after their creator, Ron Tremper, who are said to be the first to come up with the pale morph. Although very popular, some have reported Tremper are darker than the other lines, with some breeders to market their Tremper as "Mocha", a light brown lizard. There are many examples of pink or white Tremper, however, and some believe that the darker shades to a result of changes in temperature during the incubation period rather than genes.

The storm water line has a reputation for being the whitest and brightest, but again, rearing temperature can play a factor. Some breeders claim that there is not much difference between Tremper and Rainwater.

The clocks are the rarest of the three. Is said to have a higher contrast between light and dark shades of their skin. They are also known to have red eyes.

Red Eyes

The red eyes are present in most young lizards, despite their last appearance. But the pale lizard, red eyes, usually more apparent in the Bell line. This line not only has reddish eyes, but also the honor of having their eyes stay red all the way to adulthood to have. That means you can get really red eyes, adult lizard. Some have solid red eyes, while others partially red Snake Eyes.

Recessive trait

All three are the result of what is known as recessive traits. The tricky part about breeding this special feature of this lizard is that recessive trait or may not show up, although lizards carry the gene. It will only occur if both lizards inherits properties of both mother and father. A lizard who carry the gene but not with physical signs of a property is called or the heterozygote. Although not the functions themselves, there is a chance that their offspring.

The Tremper line has come with a recessive dominant race of pale lizard. These can be successfully bred together to produce 100% pale boy, so you might be interested in them, breeding parents, if you want to breed or line breed immediate pale lizard.


All lines have sensitivity to light and will be shocked by strong light sources. This is normal and it is not uncommon for them to close their eyes in the light and avoid feeding during the day time. Do not worry, their eyes are well adapted for hunting in low light or low light conditions. They are naturally at night, after all. Try to feed them at night or in low light conditions.

Albino Leopard Gecko Patterson Less

A relatively new morph, these lizards have two teats less less tits, and albino traits. Since the pale lizards do not produce black pigment, the black spots are known to appear in fewer breast morphs not present. What remains is a unique blend of bright yellow or pink and white.

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