Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have you ever heard before about Varanus Macrae?

An interesting reptile Varanus Macraei or Blue Tree Monitor. From the same family tree as the Monitor reptiles, the Blue is a brilliant blue with scattered black scales, the formation of spots that form bands back in May on the back. The tip of the snout and lower jaw is light blue, white. The bottom of the legs is equal light turquoise. They prefer a solitary life, but to do well in pairs.

This reptile can grow up to order 40 cm (from nose to tail) with 2 / 3 of the length being the tail. The muzzle of the Blue Tree Monitor is almost white, with the belly. You can differentiate between sex by the jaw. Males have a curved lower jaw (light) and the female has a nearly straight jaw. Seeing a Blue Tree Monitor for the first time might think of a dinosaur, but it is a strikingly beautiful reptile.


Recommended tank capacity to accommodate growth is eight meters long. Place cork on the walls, as the animals enjoy climbing. Reptibark for substrate is a good move, so it stays moist. Forget plants as they die, but pieces of cork are good around their home. Use a UV active heat lamp and a regular 100-watt bulb. You will be able to create beautiful places for heat to provide the animals in several times a day are about 114 degrees. Average temperature is about 80 degrees from the tank and set light to the tank is about 12 hours a day. Mist twice a day to maintain a high humidity as they are a tropical animal heat and the humidity of love. You can also reduce ventilation to allow moisture to where it should be.


Live grasshoppers are a treat with rodents. You can also use crickets. You can feed 4-5 times a week. It is proposed that the food with calcium powder and vitamins twice a week, and have a nice bowl of water in the tank at all times.

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