Sunday, January 22, 2012

Do you agree that it is important Protecting the Odd and Rare Animals of Our World

Many people today want to be involved in Animal Rescue projects. They try to work with government organizations to protect certain endangered species from extinction. Most types of animals that fall under the category of rare animals are small creatures and amphibians do not pull much attention from the public. But there is a large entity that has existed for several centuries now facing extinction. The strange animals are Komodo Dragon. It is native to the eastern part of the continent and it is really a family of lizard.

This particular creature is believed to be the progenitor of what people think is the original dragon often written about the story. Like many strange animals that we hear about, it is difficult to determine whether or never existed a flying version of the creatures, let alone one that can breathe fire. The dragon is a topical problem of surviving in the current environment. Apart from being overrun and killed by humans, it is also destroyed by the volcano that blows around them. They are large slow animals that need a form of state protection to guarantee the security of their species.

Another strange and rare creatures are stripped rabbit. This animal resembles a traditional rabbit, but was stripped of markings on his coat. It is native to Burma and have only recently discovered that even existed. There are many new and unusual species found in areas where people are not so overwhelming ventured into other areas of land. This is the case with places like the rainforest or desert, where most of these unique animals are. To protect these animals from becoming extinct, people need to begin to conserve instead of their natural environment so they can continue to breed and reproduce in a natural way.

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