Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things that you can do to make Bearded Dragon Eat More Veggies

Lizards from Pogona genus are commonly known as a bearded dragon. They have broad triangular heads and flat bodies. They reach a manageable average size of about 18-22 cm (46-56 inches). The average weight is about 10-18 ounces (283-510 g)

The types of bearded dragons get their name from a distinctive series of lateral spines (specialized scales) radiating horizontally from the head and tail. As a teenager, is the semi-trees. As adults, they are mostly terrestrial, but climb to bask and search for prey.

Have a common problem many bearded dragons when the dragon refuses to eat vegetables. This can be very serious and often causesdeath bearded dragons. Here are a few tips that you can use to persuade them to eat the animal:

- Place crickets in his / her green. I will also try some super worms on their greens. If there is a petsupplyplus of you.They sell worms in small amounts, it usually works with most dragons.You can also shred something your dragon likes and gradually mix with lots of green vegetables and Ensure that the dragon sees the greens by placing them in a shallowDishwasher, it is easy to see. Also note that the Greenss idiomatic.

- Try putting a large sheet with a clip. Let Dragons have Fun to tear him to pieces.

- Start feeding greens from the first week. Then it begin to enjoy it.

- Set your light timer to one hour before the light turns out of bed in the morning. When you wake up, you give your beardie salad. After an hour basking, draws the hungry enough to eat Greens.

This should completely solve this problem. Let me know how it worked. We hope you enjoy your dragons!

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