Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is it true that Vit D can make you sexy

A Spanish research team conducted surveys to gain access to important nutrients like vitamin D, will increase the sexual pheromones.

Pheromones are odorless, naturally excreted chemical communicators that act as a signal to cause behavioral reactions in another member of the same species. In animals, it means sex pheromones available for breeding.

The team of vitamin D supplementation of male Iberian rock lizards indicated and reported that female lizards was excited secretions. They showed their enthusiasm by clicking and dragging their tongues in areas where the men were finished.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin which can be obtained by eating dairy products, fish and fortified cereals. Vitamin D can also be obtained by exposure to sunlight. Sunshine is an important source of vitamin D because UV rays from sunlight cause the production of vitamin D in the skin.

Scientists believe that since pheromone secretions from the body of nutrients, the presence of vitamin D a special influence on him and reflected the good health of the lizard on his female counterpart. They also tested other lizard species of large amounts of vitamin E in their pheromone secretion.

They concluded that diets rich in lizards and large quantities of vitamins in their secretions were more pheromones released and were more sexually attractive to women. They were not sure whether it was because of the vitamins alone, or a well fed, healthy man was simply a better choice for a mating partner.

Because lizards are often unable to synthesize vitamin D from the sun because of the dark, thick skin, they must get from food sources. The lizard comes with supplements were more provtiamin D on its hind legs, a substance that vitamin D turnover of ultraviolet radiation or sunlight divorce. This separation of the posterior limb marking the lizard territory with pheromones, as he moves around and spreads the scent.

Although vitamin D made a difference in the Iberian rock lizards, they are not sure whether these vitamins may have the same effect on humans, or that pro-vitamin D synthesis in the human role player. However, there is often the case that what works in the animal kingdom are working with people. Vitamin D? It may prove to be that it adds sex appeal.

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