Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gather some information on Family Friendly Lizards

If you are considering a pet for your family, there are many choices you could make. Many people opt for an exotic pet because of their nature and interaction to get. If you are looking for an exotic pet for your family can get some kind of lizard are the perfect family pet.

Lizards can be good pets for people looking for a pet with a minimum of maintenance. There are a few different varieties of exotic lizards, which are great as a pet in a cage environment. Bearded dragon is one of the best breeds for pets. This lizard is one of the friendliest lizards that you could have, because he enjoys being held by humans. Bearded dragons are usually quite small in the beginning, but they can grow to nearly 2 meters long with their adult stage. If you buy a cage for your lizard, you should consider buying a larger one for when they are adults. Most people choose to buy a glass box, so you can see your lizard in its natural range. Bearded dragons are fairly easy to feed because they are fruits, leaves, seeds, small mice and lizards to eat. You must be careful to have the bearded dragon slain prey food because there is always a chance that the lizard may be affected by exchange rather than the reverse.

Chameleons are also a popular choice for an exotic pet for your family. Chameleons are usually chosen because of their multi-color and the ability to change colors to camouflage themselves. This lizard usually lives in a green environment, so it is necessary to provide that same kind of environment in the cage you buy for the lizards. Have plenty of greenery in their tank, the chameleon more comfortable in his surroundings. Chameleons can be one of the easiest lizards to feed because of the simplicity of their diet. Chameleons are carnivores, so a daily diet of crickets is healthy for them. One of the hardest factors to deal with these lizards is that they will not drink from a water bowl. Chameleons will only drink water from the leaves. You must either miss their tank a few times a day, or get a dripping water bottle at your local pet store that water dripping on a few leaves.

These are just two of many family-friendly lizards that you could have as a pet. You should make sure to take your lizard checkups at your local Phoenix vet clinic.

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