Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is it true that Red Leopard Geckos Exist

Are you looking for a red leopard gecko? There is a current business search business for some fans for a really red lizard. However, a true red has two more on the market. However, many Finns morphs are associated with the color red and if you plan to breed the two lizards two eventually produce a red, it's best to know more about Dessa morphs.

The Red Stripe

One of the first lizard you would probably see if you are looking for a red leopard gecko is the red line. This will morph Sina name for the two red-orange stripes down his speech back. Depending on the preference of the breeder, can someone so nice to haves enn orange red or vice versa. Try to choose ones with more red in them. With any luck, you can add more red-staining Possibly with each passing generation time. Does this lizard for about $ 100 and two $ 300

The Orange Red Lizards

It must lägges tangerine or orange, lizard man again more orange-red. This is one more brilliant than the Orange Dark orange some lizards are known for. This orange-red color is found in the hypo tangerine and mandarin lines. The Hypo Tangerine is a special breed of lizard tangerine hypo melanistic, meaning that they carry with them a reduced amount of melanin, which is responsible for the black spots and patterns in the lizard skin. Dessa Hypo Tangerine can sometimes almost no black spots on Sina organs Because of this, Things, resulteret in an almost orange-red body. Again, selective breeding ytterligere ska producerat more pronounced redness.

Carrot Tails

Some lizards are known for their orange tails. This can also orange seems to be cut than others. Dessa carrot-tails, as they are known varieties and fans, up to 90% of Sina tails in full orange red colorations. The beauty of carrot tails is that they can be combined with most of the other known morphs and patterns utan too much trouble. This means you can get an orange-red body with a tail almost ran successfully added too.

Red Eyes

Can also breed lizards with red eyes. This is a popular trend among some fans too. The Diablo Blanco and the albino lines are sometimes selectively produce two broad red or ruby ​​eyes variants. The RAPTOR line is actually a ruby ​​eyes of Ruby Eyed APTOR, Albino, Patterson Less, Tremper, Orange (which means RAPTOR's hat!).

Selective breeding

With all this knowledge, you have a good basis of how two make your own designer lizard. However, selective breeding ice tongue always going to be simple with respect. It can take years to develop a real red lizard. It is quite worth hearing. Many of the races and morphs Actually today was the result of an accident and luck ... sow a little tricky, who knows what kinds of races and morphs you-can invent?

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