Monday, January 9, 2012

Insight on The Green Anole

The green anole can seem like an ideal and inexpensive pet, but it's not entirely true. While the lizard may be inexpensive to buy, it's the maintenance that can get pricey, and maintaining a lizard habitat and health is not simple.

Anole is often (mistakenly) called chameleons and geckos. Although they may change color (from light green to brown), they are not true chameleons. They can be saved individually or in groups, but males can be territorial and may fight with each other and held in captivity, so it is better to have one male and several females as a group of anole home.

Habitat requirements for green anole is at least ten liter tank for a few anole, larger for a larger group. They require a tropical environment with a temperature of about 75 degrees and 70% humidity, with many plants and branches. A heating pad may be necessary to maintain a higher temperature and a moisture meter is a good idea to ensure that humidity is good for your pet. Natural type should be misted with water frequently (several times a day) to provide water to the lizards as they normally would not drink from a cistern. Cover will also help the humidity at a satisfactory level. The light must also be given to anole, about 10-12 hours a day with a full spectrum light cherish.

An anole will usually eat live crickets (fed vitamins for lizards) and occasionally mealworms. You can try feeding live insects caught (do pill bugs, beetles and fireflies), but be sure they are free of contaminants and pesticides first.

The average anole can live up to seven or eight years in captivity, and adults can grow to eight inches in length. They are not very high maintenance, although the equipment required for their habitats (heating pads, plants, day and night light), it can become expensive. Also make sure you are able to easily obtain live food crickets for lizards.

Anole can be good pets for children because they are not aggressive, but their treatment can be stressful for pets, and if not handled carefully enough, they can bite. Some anole are comfortable with human contact, but it is generally stressful to keep them.

As with all "exotic" pets, there is certainly a local veterinarian who is able and willing to work with your pet if an emergency or prevent disease. Also, as with any pet purchase, research is a good idea before a new pet. Make sure you are ready to provide, and a new addition to your family.

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