Friday, January 27, 2012

Cool stuff on red leopard gecko

Many leopard gecko enthusiasts have expressed a desire to keep a red leopard gecko. While not quite red varieties available at this time, striped red varieties, and orange striped. Some lizards have red eyes could be a compromise satisfactory to some collectors.

The Red Stripe Leopard Gecko

Red stripe may sometimes be leopard geckos misleading, since the color can vary from orange stripe reddish orange, but lizards are quite attractive and is often a struggle in the eye of the discerning enthusiast. Tremper are varieties of red stripe, which may be one or two stripes running down their backs and again, the strip is inclined more towards orange than red, but with patience you can find those orange-red more than you.

There are breeders who wanted to produce more red through selective breeding. The red leopards can be very expensive, and even if you set back anywhere from hundreds to several hundred dollars each!

The Red Tails

Many consider Ray Hine line to be carrot tail "true". Ray Hine comes from England online, and most are solid orange-red color on the tail in all other areas of red or carrot tail. The lizards have been known to be up to 90% of their tails with orange or reddish color of some breeders who believe only 15 to 20% on Lizard staining to include a carrot tail. Breeders like cross RH with bright tangerine hypo nice to try to find a variety that is less spotting and more solid color with rich reddish tail. The process will be better and better as breeders continue to experiment with the types.

The Orange Red Gecko

Tangerines can and hypo tangerine varieties display intense orange-red across their bodies rather more reddish areas along the tail. Hypo Tangerines have less spots and patterns due to genetic qualities hypo-line. Some of the symptoms of hypoglycemia can have almost no spots on their bodies at all and feels almost solid red lizard on orange though they tend to have a pattern and patches on their tails. Through selective breeding line which is the color feature improved to make the colors more intense.

The Eye reddest

The A.P.T.O.R. and R.A.P.T.O.R. morphs with red ruby ​​eyes. The gene had evolved from color around March 2004. Raptor stands for Ruby Eyed Patterson Less Tremper albino Orange. Other black called Diablo Blanco is another beautiful specimen. It's teats less albino morph either solid red eyes, red eyes partially or in some cases, Snake Eyes. The full red eye Blanco Diablo is very popular because it is an almost pure white Becko eyes red with pure! A red eyed differences are very popular among collectors LG.

More about Red Geckos

It is hoped you learned a little about the red leopard in this article, but a lot of information available on the Internet for those who want to further research in genetics and inheritance. Breeders who breed success will be solid red leopard gecko can be sure to order enough large sums of money for such trials and enthusiasts around the world are just waiting to fork out money for the opportunity to own one!

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