Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do you want to know How Long Do Beta Fish Live in a Fish Tank?

Beta fish can live for 2 to 3 years in an aquarium or fish bowl. First of all for your beta fish healthy and you have clean fresh water and water to treat chemicals like chlorine, rust and other harmful toxins. From my experience, I always use an aquarium that has been tested. Because water is outdated and has gone through most of the nitriding process, this water is most optimal for beta fish. The water will bubble at the sides and will not be equipped with deadly chemicals. If the fish in your ten gallon tank would die if there is something wrong with the water check it out before your beta fish.
Remember to maintain as small goldfish in your tank, so when the water is unsafe, you will not have much to lose. Do not go overboard and possession of an expensive beta fish. The beta fish fish you see in pet shops are all adults and at least six months to a year old. A positive background and nursing a healthy fish is bought when the beta will probably lead to a long life. You will be able to beta fish in good wellness in a safe environment, diet and medications.It is not a straight fact, but there are a few episodes with the type of water you fill your tank with. A few people reported seeing their fish die because their tank filled with tap water. So after doing some of my own research I discovered that spring water or filtered water and a few drops of Sol-aquariums would be healthier.

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