Sunday, April 3, 2011

What does fish means i a dream

The fish symbol is a sacred dream. It represents divinity and superiority.
However, only the calm fish that has symbolic significance because of the violent ones, such as shark, the domination of craziness to the human side of human conscience since the invasion of content is absurd wild side of human brains.
Domestic red fish and fish live in sea or river, fish and all gray, represents peace and wisdom of God.
But what does it mean to a peaceful fish in a dream to see?
Depending on the context of the dream and your life, the peace and quiet fish indicates that as a wise man behave in order to fish, so you can keep close to God and never do what is wrong, or you smart as the fish that never says a word.
The fish was silence the silence of God for evil: the silence of a superior being, in front of an animal.
On the other hand, if you dream that you managed to catch a big fish to see, it means you go "fishing" is a human desire, a treasure from the bottom of the sea, something extraordinary! This post is a good dream, and I really hope that you find many dreams where you are catching fish, swim or watch them calm and quiet.
They are very good visions, and after that you will many other fascinating visions and messages to see, because if you managed to become like God in some respects your life, it means you've changed and you will certainly evolve much more .
The unconscious mind is your protector and this is why all the dreams that the message has a protective nature. After your first job in the meaning of your dream and changing your personality, you see, almost every day, this dream forecasts about the future, certain points of your life. The subconscious still protect you, because you understand more.
Then you will abide by the unconscious mind sending symbolic messages even when not sleep and dreaming, but when you wake up, life. Everything that happens to you and people close to you has a symbolic meaning that will give you information about the fact where you are.
For example, you're in a restaurant and you disgusted with the delay in the waiter. Suddenly, your eyes fall within a ball in the red fish and rather nervous about the delay, whether you're shy, because you are annoyed with such things. You understand that you just forgive the waiter, and wait patiently, without filling your heart with the poison of rebellion.
The fish in your environment to remind you of the superior attitude you should have, so your anger. You are always in contact with the subconscious, because you always translating the symbolic meaning of everything.
The symbolic language is very interesting, because one word has many meanings. First you have to know how it works in the dream.
You can see that the meaning of the symbol varies depending on the context of the dream and the dreamer's life, one of the most important part for understanding the real meaning of the dream, the dream as we will see when we sleep, tell us about our own lives, our thinking, our problems, etc. First, and then the information about other people and everyone. Thus, the biography of the dreamer is indispensable if we want to translate the meaning of a dream.
In the example of the fish, you saw that there are three different definitions for its meaning:
- Divinity (Calm fish)
- Domination of madness (Shark)
- A treasure (catching fish)
Similarly, according to the biography of the dreamer, there are other definitions that help us understand the true meaning of each part of the dream for the specific cases that we learn.
After emerging you the meaning of patience, forgiveness, piety and holiness to understand.
The dream image you see is totally different from the ones you see at the beginning of your career to the meaning of your dream.
You must learn the language ... The fish is only a dream symbol, a word from a foreign language for you. You must learn how to immediately dream symbols like me and my students to translate, so you understand the message that the way unconscious mind, that makes your dreams will send you to protect you against your wild side.
Learn the language of my dream simplifying complex methods of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung at the end of the last century. My method is the dynamic, depending on the lifestyle of the twentieth century.
I continued his research, discovering many dream symbols and become a psychiatrist myself, while I was just a writer. I was in a deep study of the contents of the human brain, human behavior and the consequences of the invasion of the wild side with the human side, while dealing with many people with serious mental illness for 19 years.
Dream Interpretation according to the scientific method is a wonderful solution to the desperate people of our absurd modern civilization, where terrorism, violence, hypocrisy and meaninglessness manage.
The wise and holy subconscious mind will put a final end to terrorism, immorality and violence on Earth, transforming our world into a very crazy place where we can live peacefully and happily.
All people will now learn how to translate their dreams no doubt that we have discovered that we have a violent and evil wild side with our own brains to be converted into a positive part of our human side, and also, now we know that We have valuable information and guidance received from the subconscious mind how to translate our dreams.

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