Monday, April 4, 2011

Lets see and learn about some possible Fish Oil Side Effects

Many consumers are worried about the quality of the fish oil used in omega-3 supplements. There are also questions about fish oil side effects of mercury poisoning in some fish oil products. In an attempt to answer these questions. Environmental Defense (formerly Environmental Defense Fund) through its Oceans Alive program, a survey of 75 different companies that produce fish oil supplements
Although common fish oil side effects are mild, the person as a result of fish oil mercury poisoning is very serious. It is therefore imperative that you only fish oil that has undergone molecular distillation to buy. Exposure to mercury is particularly dangerous for children and women of childbearing age, but health concerns exist for men and women who do not plan on having children. Mercury is a toxin, and found in fish, we eat because of industrial pollution. Standards for allowable levels of mercury contamination of fish oil varies from state agencies.
Oceans will be found alive, the Council for Responsible Nutrition, an association of companies that provide food that is equal to or higher than the highest standards of government.
The normal or common side effects of fish oil consumption can cause diarrhea and a fishy aftertaste is. These effects are caused by mercury poisoning range from learning disabilities and birth defects hair loss and fainting. Omega-3 supplements purified by molecular distillation of fish oil is not a risk of mercury contamination and therefore no risk of side effects associated with mercury poisoning.
The more common fish oil side effects (although that has undergone molecular distilltion) can usually be prevented by food (even a cracker or a small amount of juice will prevent the fishy aftertaste), or dose.
But some mild side effects still occur, such as having the fish oil "repeat" on you. Another precaution is if you use fish oil in combination with blood thinners. This is because fish oil itself is a blood thinner, and takes too many blood thinners can cause excessive bleeding. So if you have any form of anti-coagulants, so let your doctor know before you add fish oil to your health regimen.
Most companies will voluntarily discharge details to their customers who are worried about mercury contamination, fish oil and fish oil side effects.

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