Monday, April 18, 2011

Get some cool idea and get a Fish That Clean Your Aquarium For You

Maintaining an aquarium can be a work in progress, but you can ease the burden somewhat by buying fish and other creatures that you part of the work for you. These fish are scavengers that eat food on the bottom edge of the crater, and algae. When you buy these types of fish you should be careful what kind you buy us some can exist peacefully with your other fish while others attacked them.
One of the most difficult to maintain a reservoir is now down algae growth. Fortunately, there are fish that actually eat the algae, keeping the tank clean for you!
The Chinese algae eater can eat in a normal room algae and attach themselves to flat surfaces in your tank and decorations scraping algae off. The Chinese Algae Eater can be aggressive when he grows up and may even attack larger fish are good to have a tank when they are young but not so good when they are adults.
Dogfish or each barb LG trunk and eat the remains at the bottom of the tank. They should not be placed with similar species, but they can be territorial.
If you want a shy and peaceful fish that are members of the community, and like any good algae then you could try getting a catfish for your aquarium.
Snails are another fish tank creature that eats algae but they will for the first site, if you have live plants in your tank you do not want to add the snails. Apple snails can be a good idea because they prefer the LG over the plants, but you can find them feeding on sleeping fish! Another thing to remember is that the snails reproduce very quickly if you do not want a tank full of snails with only one.
Sometimes live plants have snail eggs are ready for them. I once put a plant in my tank and do and see all of a sudden I had tons of teeny little snails - and I mean tons! If this happens and you want to get rid of them thinking of buying a Loach. Loaches eat snails and they also eat algae so you can kill two birds with one stone. Sucker Loaches, however, requires a few fish when they grow to adults.
cleaner shrimp can help maintain the tank. Bumblebee shrimp eat leftovers enough to help reduce the growth of algae in the tank, but you must take care to provide them with other foods as well. These shrimp are only about an inch long and relatively harmless to your other fish. Ghost charm will eat algae and food in the bottom of the tank too, but they could also eat small fee and can access the fish food before your fish can even eat like a hub!
If you have a saltwater aquarium, then get a couple of volumes can be a good way to reduce algae. hermit crabs who eat algae as well as selling food at the bottom of the aquarium. Remember, however, you must buy crabs that do not grow more than an inch big crabs can kill your fish. Emerald crabs and crab needs Mithrax can be good for saltwater tank. Sally Lightfoot crabs eat hair algae and bubble algae and is also very peaceful creatures.
So there you have it that some creatures add interest to your tank and help you clean it!

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