Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Insight on Japanese Koi Fish

I know many people tell me that my information is wrong, but yes, the Japanese Koi can be traced back to China. Apparently because their survival was Koi bred for food. And in China, they eventually make their way to Japan.

Due to the different colors that the Japanese saw the fish, koi was eventually crossed to enhance and benefit their colors. This in turn led to the first time that Japan and the world of the many varieties of colorful fish found in a Japanese exhibition. It was in 1914.

After the first world after Japan and was mesmerized by the fish and hobby exploded.

There are many varieties of koi, perhaps the finest, in my opinion, the Longfin Koi. This particular koi is known for its long fins, long barbells and pompom nostrils. These particular fish are crossed with the wild Indonesian Longfin river carp and traditional koi. Believe it or not, there is a growing majority of the owners who do not want hardcore Koi Butterfly Koi or Koi Dragon, as it is commonly referred.

She feels that this particular race is inferior to the traditional koi. When it's time to try them in the annual competitions, Butterfly koi are not allowed. Indeed, the Butterfly Koi fish is not a very popular outside the U.S.. But in America, they are very popular. Hence their other nickname, the American Koi. "They even have their own club, Akca. American Koi Club Association.

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