Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tips on Adding Angelfish To Your Freshwater Fish Tank

Angelfish are beautiful and graceful - a great addition to any fish tank, but you must be careful that you do not fish in a tank they do not get along with it. Although these fish seem peaceful and gentle, they can be mildly aggressive and tend to your smaller fish to eat!
A family member of the Cichlid, Angelfish come in many shapes and colors. They may be a little fragile when they are young, but while they grow older, they can pretty tough. They want groups of six or more, however, as only two or three is not a good mix and you may find that the stronger the weaker fish bullies, but when you put them in big school , they should be fine.
You have a huge aquarium for fish, or 29 liters or more depending on how many fish you want to keep in total. Make sure your kidneys at least 1 / 4 "thick. You must keep the tank temperature between 70 and 82 ° F so make sure you angelfish with other fish that thrive in this temperature mix. Make sure that your Aquarium At least 24 cm deep - the deeper the better and deeper your tank, the better your fish will grow some angel fish were reported as large as 12 inches to grow ..
Angels are not that difficult to educate them and not really any special diet. They may be driving flakes that you and any pet can be replaced with some freeze dried blood worms. If you want to give them a treat, a number of brine shrimp or live black worms, but worms that try in good condition selection. While the angels are slightly aggressive, there are many other fish that may very well together in the tank with them. Large tetras (not the little neons) and Silver Dollar fish get along great when you Sword tail mollies and platies. Prevent your guppies Angelfish, Angels tend to eat them. Other fish that you can include in Gouramis tank, clown loaches, Bala sharks and Giant Danios.
Although easy to care for and quite durable, can Angelfish victims of other fish that like to bite on their long fins. Besides this, they are susceptible to a common aquarium disease called hole in the head disease that manifests as a pain in the head of the fish and spread alarmingly eventually killing the fish.
If you treat your angels on the right, not overloading the tank, make sure you have regular maintenance, feed him well and keep the tank at the right temperature your fish can live for 10 years!

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