Saturday, April 2, 2011

What is the best way to Barbeque a fish

When you go to grill fish, is a general fear that the fish runs out at the bottom of the grill cooker compared well presented pictures in any cookbook. More importantly, if you still have the whole song at the end of the process. So how do you get that delicious grilled fish, just right? How do you prevent the fish onto the grill and falling apart?
The main reason why food sticks grill and falling apart, that the grill is not hot enough, the food is placed. You have the grill hot enough to not only produces a lively tone for flavoring, but intends to do the whole cooking process.
Secondly, make sure the grill is clean. Often food particles get stuck on the surface of the grill, and these are areas that could catch fish. Keeping the grill clean your fish to reduce the stabbing.
Fish do not normally watch the time to cook and it is very important to be well aware of this institution grill. People tend to over cooked which is dry instead of juicy delicious. To ensure that you do not have your fish, cook, make sure it has not frozen, and it is cool but not cold. Try not to use frozen fish at all if you can help the fish to lose its delicate texture and flavor when frozen. These qualities also deteriorate rapidly if fish are kept at room temperature for a long time to present a health risk.
Flipping your fish is like cooking a good steak, you flip once. The trend is not only to translate more than once, but try to raise it, whether cooking or not, these actions are certainly a catastrophe. The best way to avoid this rather uncontrollable tendency is to use a timer. Investing in one, put the fish, it is set right duration, go away, come back and turn it when the alarm goes off. Other trick is to always place skin side down first (if the skin is preserved, and this is the preferred method for cooking fish barbecue, because it helps the meat hold together). In addition to bringing crunchy texture throughout the dish.
So far, cooking a couple of times already, but how long that unfortunately, this is one of those "how long is a piece of string question - it all depends on the thickness, the temperature of your stove and your cooking technique. Fish usually takes much shorter time to cook than meat, a lot shorter. If cook the whole fish, cut diagonally in the middle of fish (the thickness of fish), a couple of slices about 2 inches apart. This allows the heat evenly across.
Another way to avoid the catch of fish wrapped in foil. It can also flavors such as lemon juice and butter. Often you will find that this is the easiest way to get the fish moist. It is much harder to avoid dehydration, when the fish is directly placed on the grill. Note, however, that this part of the flavor of the grill to prevent penetration of the fish.
A good invention is that the fish basket. You can change the size of these fish and put them on the grill. Advantages is that the author of the entire basket, instead of attempting to turn the fish without breaking. It will also prevent pieces of fish from falling off the grill bars.
Recipe of the day - Barbecue Snapper with Chutney and Parsley
1. 2 people
1. 1 x 3 / 4 kg of Snapper whole
2. 1 cup finely chopped fresh parsley
3. 2 Tspn Apricot & Date Chutney
4. Juice of one lemon
5. 4 Tspn and macadamia oil
6. Salt and pepper to taste
7. Aluminum foil wrap
1. Ask your fishmonger scale and clean fish for you, but keep it whole instead of filleting. Make sure that wiped dry with paper towels.
2. Make a diagonal cut through the middle part of the fish, but not through the bones and seasoned the whole fish with salt and pepper.
3. Another bowl mix the chopped parsley, macadamia oil, apricot and date chutney and lemon juice, add some salt and pepper.
4. Spoon some of this mixture and rub the stomach of fish throughout the rest of the fish. Wrap the fish using the foil and let stand in a cool place for 30 minutes.
5. When the barbecue stove is ready, place the wrapped fish in the middle of the stove. Anna cooked on one side for 5 minutes and turn it (once) for another 5 minutes. Please note that depending on the thickness you need for cooking it a little.
6. When cooked, unwrapped the foil, but beware of steam to the container, transfer to a bowl and serve hot. Make sure that you transfer all the juice in the package scale well.

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