Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tips on how to choose a Fish Tank Filter

A filter with a fireplace, is probably the most important part of a fish tank set up. Without water in your aquarium will be much like a stagnant pond and a few will be able to live, with the exception of a beautiful film of green scum algae.
There are two main types of aquarium filters, external and internal. Both types of filters can be used in either freshwater or saltwater aquariums.
When it comes to internal filters There are two basic types. The first floor is mostly gravel filter seen in freshwater tanks. This consists of a raised plastic grid that sits at the bottom of the tank. Gravel or base material over the top and clear vertical tubes attached to holes in the filter. These tubes have a power head sitting on top of a receiver inserted in them. The water is forced to flow through the gravel and back up the pipe in the tank. The gravel is the filter itself, collect extra food and fish waste is broken into.
The second type of internal filter is more like a pond just below the main tank and is used primarily for saltwater tanks. There is an internal pipe where the water flows down into the swamp where it is pumped through a series of filters which all the waste and bad bacteria to capture. The filtered water is pumped back to the top of the main tank to maintain a continuous flow goes. This filter is a good choice, but it is on the pricey side and creates a lot of noise.
An external filter is the best choice for an aquarium, if you can afford to use it. All filtering is done outside the tank, so the filtered water is separated from the unfiltered water until it is returned to the tank. A pair of long hoses to connect the filter to the tank, providing a filter and the other that the filtered water back into the tank. This type of filter is most effective but also most expensive.
You can buy one of these types of filters at your local fish store, but a harder time finding the more expensive external type have a general pet store. The type of filter requires a sump tank that has either been changed or adapted. If you go the extra money on this kind of set up makes it feel better for the money to spend on a good quality external filter instead. An external aquarium filter will cost more up front but in the long run save on maintenance costs, and fish, because the best habitat, they need long and healthy life has to offer.

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