Saturday, April 9, 2011

Have you heard about Ultra Refined Fish Oil

When I first heard about the ultra refined fish oil, I was a little surprised at what it really is. A lot of people had very different ideas, and that is why I decided to try to learn more about.
After few days of my online research, I've even contacted some natural medical professionals to see what they have to say.
Here is what I discovered.
As you know, if you take fish oil supplement, you should really see huge benefits for health. Not even you will see some extra energy boost, but many other things you feel good.
For example, if you had constant pain in your lower back or other joints, the ease or reduce a bit drunk. If you had migraine that makes you feel like your head will explode, disappear. Or if you are a woman suffering from menstrual pain every month you get, you will see that this discomfort is not displayed again.
The thing is I discovered that many companies are really not that great at delivering product quality. They could take a fish like cod or salmon to fish oil supplement, but they have a lot of toxins, because they are caught in the oceans, very busy with fishing boats that pollute the environment much.
So stay away from a pill that comes from these sources. Another thing is that when they catch their pride, they freeze fish and sell them to industrial vitamin. Now these people have to thaw their material, and this is what makes the oil smells like a rotten fish.
When you open a capsule, you should not smell any odor. Try it with your current pill and see how good quality they are.
Now my point.
When we talk about ultra-refined fish oil, none of the bad and disgusting things I told you that there still talking. And how is it possible? Because there are still few companies are trying their best to give customers only. These people are doing something called molecular distillation.
This removes all the bad stuff from the oil and what is encapsulated, only the highest omega-3 EPA and DHA ingredients, making it ultra-refined omega-3 fish oil supplements top notch. So if quality and your health much more important, it is the only way to go for you.

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