Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some delicious wys of cooking fish

As fish has such a small amount of connective tissue that requires little cooking. If that happens, the flakes are falling apart and the fibers hard, dry and tasteless. There are different ways to cook fish, but cooking process, in general, short and soft. Although fillets are more popular, most cooks agree that fish bone - as with meat - has more flavor.
Frying - It is a popular method, and can fish shallow fried. For both processes the meat of the fish should be coated with egg and breadcrumbs, batter, flour or oatmeal - to protect the delicious food. Usually fillet of fish cooked in this way. Vegetable oil should be used (eg frying, oil should be used only for fish), but a combination of butter and oil is the best and tastiest low fry.
Grilling - The methods used for whole fish, steaks, fillets and cutlets, especially fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon and trout. The flesh is usually scored with a knife (if the fish bones) to ensure an even and thorough cooking. The fish should be packed with butter to prevent drying. The grill should be set to a medium heat instead of high, so the fish from drying out. The smaller the fish, the higher the grill. Line grill with foil so the pan and grate without lingering fish flavors.
Bucket - Fried whole fish can be brushed with butter or oil, and leaders, they can open or lightly covered with greased foil for protection. They can also be baked in a liquid (milk, sauce, wine or stock).
Poaching - This method ensures that the fish moist during cooking. the fish is cooked in a liquid broth, wine, water or milk. that can be flavored with herbs, a little onion or lemon juice. The fish can be cooked over the stove in a pan or fish kettle, or in the oven. If fish did not pan should be regularly lubricated. Bouillon is commonly used as the basis for the accompanying sauce.
Steaming - the fish is cooked with steam over a saucepan of boiling water. It should be placed between two buttered plates, or on a plate covered with foil for the natural juices with water to prevent escape.
Papillot - Fish, whole or in fillets or steaks, can be wrapped in foil, cellophane or greaseproof with different flavors (butter, lemon juice, wine, onion, garlic, herbs) and poached, steamed, baked or fried. All the essential flavor and juices are preserved making it one of the best ways to cook fish.

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