Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Insight on differnt types of Koi Fishes

There are several factors that contribute to a kind of koi fish to define. They are usually identified by the color of each fish, their qualities, patterns and scale variations. Here are some of the most common species of these beautiful fish pond;
Kohaku. This is probably the most common and popular types of koi. It's colors are red and white. The Japanese translation for red and white Kohaku.
Asagi. This beautiful fish is light blue with an orange-red type of the stomach. It has scales on its back forming a net pattern. The word means Asagi blue.
Ogon. This shiny metallic koi are usually gold or orange. You can also find them in cream color, but they are rare in that color. The scales were a color. Ogon means gold.
Bekko. Koi can be white, yellow or red. It has black spots on its body. Bekko translates into turtle.
Matsuba. Koi This is a color. It's scales are similar in design to a pine cone.
Utsuri. This fish is black with white, red or yellow markings. The marks are similar to the ink stain. This caused the Japanese word for print, Utsuri his name.
Karasugoi. The black fish with an orange belly.
Showa. This beautiful koi has a black body with white and red markings.
Ochiba: A light blue Koi with yellow markings. Ochiba translates into the fallen leaves.
Butterfly Koi Koi bred in the Asian carp. Color is exactly the type of koi bred to glow. Butterfly koi are known for their long, flowing fins.
Koi fish are generally seen as symbols of love and friendship. These and other definitions, ranging from nerve-force is the reason that they are the popular symbols on anything from jewelry to tattoos. Koi are beautiful colors and original matter which type you choose.

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