Monday, April 11, 2011

Were you aware of the fact that Betta fish are very susceptible to parasites

While Betta fish have of late, has become an increasingly popular pets around the world, they remain a "vulnerable" species. Betta fish are very susceptible to parasites, changes in living conditions (water temperature) and chemical levels in the water (such as ammonia and nitrate). In this article I put out in the top 5 causes of Betta fish diseases and various resources I found useful when dealing with sick Betta fish.
1) First and foremost, you want to look for any changes in your usual fish color scheme or vibration. If either stressed or sick, your fish will usually dull in color. It is important to stress factors that can affect your pet immediately before jumping to the conclusion that your fish is sick to eliminate. Stress factors may include a direct, bright light on your fish, too little habitat (no, not really Betta fish in small puddles in the wild, what you may have heard), constant loud noises close to the fish tank, etc. If the stress factors are excluded, you probably have a fish that is sick.
2) Another common sign of illness is a constant in the surface gasping for air. This usually indicates a lack of oxygen in the water, often a result of dangerous levels of ammonia and / or nitrates, built in the water tank. Normally a tank is not cycled or not being cleaned often enough is unhealthy toxins exhibit.
3) Another significant sign of chemical imbalance in your tank is red-brown stripes around the gills in your Betta fish. Caused by the construction of nitrate, the meat around the gills the first to be deprived of both breathable oxygen and pigment. If this stage is reached, your fish are in very immediate danger and you must be quick to get help.
4) A common disease that Betta involving parasites. Want to watch with white spots on the fins and body. These parasitic colonies can quickly overwhelm your pet's immune system and hinders the ability to breathe oxygen. More aquarium treatments for this condition.
5) The number one sign to look in the Betta fish disease diagnosis is lethargy. Extreme lethargy or laziness proves once again that a fish is probably not enough oxygen. This may be due to several factors, including certain chemical imbalance described above.

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