Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tips on how to feed your Beta fish?

If a betta owner for a while now, I wash my share of the Internet for resources led to the best possible care of my betta fish. Here I go writing the book for you some of the most important thing I've found the owner of Betta and give you a source that has saved my fish by many effortlessly.
Food is great, or is it? Betta Food is a debate that goes back continuously. Some say that a food is better than the other and of course the next time you visit this forum is filled with the opinion stating that other forms of Betta food is far superior. So what the heck you're supposed to believe? Well, I'm not sure, but I can give you my honest experience and try to back up the best I can.
Food pellet, in my experience, proven the most effective way to get a Betta to eat a balanced diet. While live foods are often readily accepted by the betta fish to recognize them as food native to their surroundings in the game (catching insects above the water), they may contain parasites. Moreover, they contain far less vitamins and nutrients that help betta a progressive and even in color. Might ask: "If we are only concerned about the components, why not flakes contains the same nutrients as pellets?" Because we are not only concerned with the ingredients ...
About Nutrition is one of the most dangerous threat to a Betta fish in captivity. The flake flakes vary in size and can be difficult to correct a betta food. Pellets are easy to measure because they are very close in size and can be a certain number per day. I have two pellets in the morning and two at night, perfect for Gilbert, my boy betta fish.

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