Saturday, April 9, 2011

Insight on Ideal Betta Fish Life Expectancy

Betta fish breeders and owners may ask: How long are these beautiful little fish are expected to live? The answer is that betta's life expectancy is only average tank standards: only two to three years from the time an average betta is purchased at an average pet.
But of course this is hardly set in stone. A betta can live longer if it is cared for very well, and all their needs attended, and it can live much shorter if the opposite is true.
One can start buying a bunch of young betta from a reputable, experienced store and / or breed and grow properly. There are ways to test for the reputation of course, ask around, do background checks, talking with the breeder and / or store and ask for money, food, water changes, and so on increase. Have a look at how betta observed. Are they kept in regular plastic cups, apparently without much concern for their welfare? Or are they instead kept in a better, cleaner environment, larger tanks with all the proper equipment, such as gravel or substrate, aeration, filtration, even plants?
The last four seem unnecessary costs, but they are certainly not. They can add some frills (and yes, mathematics) to maintain what is probably one of the most maintenance of all aquarium fish, but they can certainly greatly extends the lifespan of a betta.
There are many reasons. First and foremost is the fact that a betta raised in dirty water is exposed, day after day, for bacteria, mold spores, and so on. Dealing with such organisms at an early age can a betta to force significant amounts of energy to devote to such concerns, instead of growth in some cases, as you betta grow stunted and weak instead of strong and energetic. Besides, if not properly conducted, there is no way it can ever be healthy and with his raised in a poor water in its "youth" will eat bad practices to ensure that the betta can not hope to live long even if the best treatment of his adult life gets. So choose the betta increased from the very beginning, the betta will have a much better chance of lasting very long.
And of course it also means to bring them in so excellent a way that they themselves were raised. Well keep it running using oxidation and filtration tanks and a living plant or two as you can and feed them only the best food the betta to extend life expectancy.

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