Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tips on how to fry a fish in a cool and perfect way

I'm not around to discuss the pool and fish. We all know that there must be a fried fish fry. Fair enough. We can disagree about what kind of fish is best (walleye, bluegill, pike, etc). But there's fried fish.
Moving on, here is where the critical gain. It's all about the extras. It's about what happens to the kids. Do not believe me? Okay got a chocolate covered donut with your fish.
Weird? Maybe even gross?
Exactly. It certainly is what you want fried fish which makes it work. Let's start drinking. There are only three drinks that can really go with the kids was: water, lemonade, beer itself. I have a penchant for dark, thick beer, but a light beer is also good.
Next you need a side of fries and tartar sauce. Cabbage Salad is crucial. It gives a refreshing bite and acid (the same way as tartar sauce does).
The acid is needed to cleanse the pallet. It allows you to keep tasting the delicious fish senses without becoming immune to the same taste. Even a slice of lemon served with fish (and squeezed over it) will have the same effect and is very tasty.
Finally, you must feed. Bread or dinner rolls will not do. You need something hard and crunchy. Warm bread is great. Less popular, but also good barley bread. It should be served warm and cut them into thick slices. Spread butter over it and really sink your teeth in. The center is soft and buttery. The outside is crisp and has a hint of cornmeal.

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