Saturday, April 16, 2011

Here is my Fish Oil Experiment

Fish oil is truly the ultimate complement to building muscle and burn fat? I've heard pretty incredible claims.
So I decided to make my own body as a "guinea pig" and fish oil on the test.
Here's what happened.
First, let me give you a little background about why I decided to conduct this experiment. Many of the top fitness gurus are touting the benefits of fish oil. For example, Charles Poliquin said he trained as a potential NFL draftee and helped people pack 29 pounds of lean mass a month it has 45 grams per this miracle supplement. Poloquin advises "If you want muscle and lose fat at least 30 grams of fish oil a day to attend."
Clarence Bass fat loss guru thought he actually got leaner, when he increased his calories by supplementing with fish oil. The idea of ​​actually lose weight while adding calories certainly raises eyebrows.
Mauro Di Pasquale, author of the metabolic diet, call it "the most important additions ever."
It is starting to sound like a kind of magical super-foods, and I was eager to try it for myself.
What is it?
Fish oil is believed that levels of testosterone and to promote optimal muscular development to contribute. The goal is to reduce the swelling in your muscles and joints, and a quick recovery to condense. Fish oil can reduce triglycerides and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Fish oil is believed to increase fat burning and even more difficult for the body to store fat to do.
The details of my experiment
By Charles Poloquin's article, I decided to take 30 grams of fish oil for 30 days.
Several years ago I tasted and immediately threw a track.
So I decided to use capsules for this experiment.
For two days I shot 30 gel caps a day. I used the Nature Made brand, available in almost all major drug and supermarket. I broke the doses and took 10 pills at a time three times a day. (Morning, noon and night). After two days I decided that I did not want to compromise my experiment with cheap oil.
So after two days I switched to Carlson's brand fish oil liquid. I was just about 3 tablespoons a day to get my 30 grams, so it made everything so much easier. I also fear the taste, but it really is not bad. This particular brand has a lemon flavor. Sure, it's cool ... fat beats lemon flavor, but definitely a fish taste.
By the way, many kitchen spoon fed false.
So I spent a great scoop to make sure I get the whole tablespoon of oil.
Finally, the results are inconclusive.
I add muscle? Yes, I will be stronger for each exercise during the past 30 days. But it would have happened anyway, and not related to fish oil. (The exercises and meal plans following me makes me stronger each time I come to the gym. I have the same pounds added or increased repetitions of each exercise for 17 weeks in a row now.)
Should I lose fat? Yes, I lost some fat. But again, it happened when I make a fat loss plan and perform cardiovascular exercise five days a week. Some people claim that fish oil helps their joints and reduces inflammation. Well, I rarely have any problems with my joints or inflammation, perhaps due to my work with bodyweight exercises.
So ... After 30 days without good results to report.
The profit made is just that good-credit to my diet and exercise. And there are "catch-22" with the supplements.
If your training and diet is in order ... Surcharges seem to work. Of course ... If you exercise and diet is in order ... You do not need supplements because you can see the results. If your training and diet is ruined ... The surcharges do not seem to do anything. And of course ... This is when you most want them to work.
So I do not get £ 29 a month muscle. I can not rid my body fat percentage of 11% in 30 days.
Nothing amazing happened. I feel a little more energy. My skin is a little healthier. But I expect more. Because the cost of this experiment (a big bottle of Carlson fish oil costs about $ 30 dollars and I went through a bottle a week, total spending for the test: $ 120 USD).
Bottom Line thoughts in this experiment: a good supplement for health reasons and a good way to add calories to your diet when trying to gain weight ... but do not expect miracles in the muscle or lose body fat.

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