Sunday, April 3, 2011

Were you aware of the fact that Betta fish use plants as a defensive strategy in their natural surroundings.

Betta fish use plants as a defensive strategy in their natural surroundings. This allows them to avoid contact with predators and other male Betta nervous or feel threatened Betta will squeeze through close together plants to escape danger. Because of this, it is important to a plant in your Betta tank, reducing stress and let them feel that it can hide. While some people prefer artificial plants in their aquariums, live plants help to take care of harmful chemical by-products in the tank, such as ammonia, nitrite and nitrate to be taken. They also carry the important function of gas exchange where water has more oxygen than an environment without plants or artificial plants. Soft and green plants is preferable to avoid damage to the Betta's scales must be trapped between the leaves or branches to prevent.
Plants need light, however. An aquarium with live plants have either access to sunlight or light built into the hood. Some plants that are recommended for use with Betta fish floating water sprite, hornwort and water weeds. Tiger Lotus is considered good for use in tanks with breeding Betta because there is a lily-pad-like leaves, which sits on the surface of the water. Male Betta use this sheet to hide their bubble nests. Be sure to keep an eye on your plants Betta tank, because dead and decaying vegetation can be bad for water quality. Java Moss and Java Ferns thrive in uncycled bowls without filtering. They also require low to medium light, and so is suitable for aquariums or facilities may not be near a window.
Live plants for your Betta tank can be found from a number of local pet stores or ordered over the Internet. All plants should be bright green and very healthy. They should also be quarantined before entering the fish, to ensure that they are not diseases or pests that can harm your betta make sure that the plants will have a reliable source to carry. It is wise to do some research into your supplier for the purchase of live plants for your Betta tank. Betta tend to rise with live plants or artificial plants with interaction. Many types of artificial plants are also rugged and can lead to damage fins and scales. Unlike fake plants will be attractive real power in the water when the fish swims by them. When it's time to clean the tank, some plants gently removed and rinsed, if desired. This is especially easy using free-floating plants like Java fern.

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