Monday, March 14, 2011

Did you know that In feng shui, there are many ways to increase prosperity and opportunities in life.

In feng shui, there are many ways to increase prosperity and opportunities in life. Some treatments are very subtle, such as paintings or sculptures, and others are very obvious and graceful. The idea of ​​designing one million U.S. dollars bill and place it in the Commonwealth sector, office, or at the checkout in a company, which is fairly common. The money trail or a happy cat in the vicinity of money collection is also common. Sailing ships laden with gold bars, diamonds and other goods usually displayed in a prominent place in many Asian stores. The number 8, or infinity symbol, is also well within 20 years, we are currently in.
The more subtle activators of prosperity are things like crystal, lighting, plants and art. For Asian and Hindu influences are gods of wealth all species, ceramic, painted resin or bronze. Having healthy plants is considered a major activator in the right surroundings. Probably the most subtle influence is that of birds. A painting or sculpture of two birds is considered good, but hundreds or even thousands of birds are the best. These tiny creatures avian considered not only success but also representatives of the opportunities that come your way. Therefore, a lucky bird, two are better, representing thousands upon thousands of possibilities.
The most favorable direction would be that the birds flying towards the viewer, or delayed. For a painting with thousands of birds were gathered around a fruit tree, eating their fill, and many fly to the sky, the viewer would suggest that fruit is abundant and enjoyed many blessings come to you. Placing a painting from one of the most promising stars for years, and turning the painting in the monthly towards the ultimate stars, would increase the happiness of the owner.
As a work of art depicting birds would be thousands of active ... well ... Active ... you want to remove the painting from an area that one of those pesky flies visiting stars. The whole idea of ​​this form of Feng Shui is that the energies change, life goes on, so abusing the good chi and oppress the poor is a difference in the lives of all who live it. If it's too hard to move things, that's when the cures used. Things like 5-element pagoda, ring, wind chimes and some talismans are used to ward off negative energies.
Some of us have been through the school of hard knocks, repairing your home or office every year is worth it, and changing some of the system on a monthly basis also helps. Newbies to this idea of ​​changing the colors, layout and decor may scoff at such ideas, but those of us who already tromped through the filthiest of the flying stars will swear to the efficacy of this brand of feng shui.

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