Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dogs and diarrhea

Dogs actually a well-functioning digestive system and diarrhea of ​​dogs, luckily, not a common experience. But I know if my dog ​​has diarrhea, I can usually attribute it to something that can be avoided. Some of the most common cause of diarrhea in dogs are:
1. Sudden changes in diet. If you suddenly change your dog food, can cause diarrhea. Logical, right? Your dog is used to eating something and then suddenly a very different food in his bowl. Her digestive system may be a few days to switch tracks and used to the new food. Of course you can avoid this by gradually changing the food - mixing the two together, with less and less of the old food and more and more new. This is especially important with puppies that are too delicate digestive system.
2. Worms. Worms can cause diarrhea and is a common cause of the pups. If it is foamy diarrhea is usually indicative of internal parasites. Treatment for it at your local vet.
3. Stress. Stress and mental upset - a long trip or a change in routine can cause diarrhea dog.
4. Disease. In some cases your dog just has a virus or disease. Although it does not happen with dogs as often as men, ask your vet check him out if you feel this is the case, so you can get them proper treatment.
5. Bad food. Spoiled meat can cause diarrhea in a dog, as it can in humans. Be as picky about what you feed your pet when you are about what you feed your family.
I know when my dog ​​has diarrhea, the most important thing in my mind is how you away. It is not only uncomfortable for the dog, but it makes a big mess too! While I recommend that your dog to a vet immediately if he has diarrhea, here are some things you can try at home:
1. If the problem is caused by poor diet, try a bit of castor oil. Sometimes a more drastic effort is rewarded and you can have your pet put on a diet of ordinary rice.
2. You can also try milk thickened with a plow.
3. Do not rush your dog back to his normal diet. Continue with rice and milk diet for several days to give his intestines a change to recover.
4. Gradually work your way back to normal food by including Hamburg or fish cooked white rice cooked in milk. If you notice the diarrhea starting up again returned to previous levels.
When my dog ​​has diarrhea, my first concern is for his health, so I always call the vet right away and you should too. You may have to drag your dog to have a test, but it is better to prevent than cure. Your veterinarian will only be on a course of action to recommend and to give the medication after they have seen your dog.

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