Sunday, March 27, 2011

Learn how to breed betta fish?

So you think you're ready to learn how to breed betta fish? One problem in breeding betas, as rewarding as it can, is that the process can be quite accurate and complex. Without proper guidance, it can be frustrating. Betta fish breeding is not just a matter of choice of healthy adults, introducing them properly, making men a place to nest building, but also make sure that the adult Betta fish do not interfere in the bucket, and water conditions preserved exactly right, and that the boy is well fed, etc. As you can see, there are many factors that go into the right Betta breeding.
This article gives you three easy to follow tips for betta fish successfully learning to read, and that some additional resources I found helpful in raising my fish.
Fish Selection: The good thing about it is one of the male and female Betta fish are very easy to tell apart. You want a healthy choice candidates of each sex. It found the fish, with bright, vivid colors. Make sure that both fish are active, and you are no signs of disease, such as extreme sleepiness.
At this stage of the selection, you will also want to fish that you think that a good color combination to choose. Beautiful parents have beautiful babies, it is almost purely an aesthetic problem level, or if you plan to sell the Betta fish.
Getting Ready: The preparation is a common over beaten or messed up, when learning how to read Betta fish. Two weeks before linking your fish, you will want to start increasing their food intake. As always, you want to be careful not to overfeed, you want your fish more energy and stamina built up for dating. During this period it may be well to consider increasing the amount of live feed your fish, because they are high in protein and fat.
If someone just ready for something important, your fish need plenty of rest to prepare. If you have not noticed, Bettas are not very good at following their own sleeping schedule. If a light, will keep your fish like to swim around even exhausted. During the two weeks prior to mating, put your lights off early and allow for many others. If this is not possible in their current environment, consider moving your tank to another room in this period.

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