Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here is an effective home remedy for dog constipation

There comes a time in life to each other when constipation rears its ugly head. The same goes for dogs, unfortunately. Lack of exercise and proper diet can lead to attacks of constipation (Sound familiar?). While you can ask several ways to "eliminate" this problem in your own life, can discover what home remedies for constipation dogs used in the eventuality that hit them.
As previously mentioned, a good diet and exercise are important elements to ensure that your dog is able to have her belly as often as needed to move. House dogs usually need to run two times a day while maintaining a good diet. If your dog is constipated, a way to reduce this problem by adding 1-2 teaspoons of bran to his diet. This causes more moisture to the stool.
Another way to the stool to add psyllium (Metamucil in the adult world) in his diet to soften. Half a teaspoon twice a day, in addition to drinking plenty of water will suffice. The third option is mineral oil. It can be used in cases where there is a large accumulation of hard faeces. Two teaspoons, twice a day should be added to his food, but only for one week. There are several other steps you can take your dog to relieve constipation. To keep his food moist by adding a little water. If your dog in the year, add some raw meat and vegetables in his diet.
There are certain signs that can warn of potential problems, and you can take immediate steps. Long hair on dogs can cause feces stuck, so keep your dog well groomed. Dogs tend to eat everything in sight, no bones or other materials were taken to guarantee. When we experience constipation due to certain medications, the dog is no exception. Psychological stress is another indicator of constipation.
While it is proposed that all dog breeds and all ages are susceptible to constipation, there are other aspects that may need to consider, and which many dog ​​owners are to blame. Not your dog from the table. While you can enjoy dog ​​with a few scraps here and there, you contribute to his constipation.
Foods that contain flour, sugar, rice, dairy and high protein is the main source of the problem. Ice cream, cookies, bread, chocolate or other unhealthy foods cause your dog pain unnecessarily. As previously mentioned, a lack of fiber and dehydration are common causes. Another reason for concern is a condition known as mega colon. It just means that your dog an inflamed colon which prevents the discharge of stool has.
The time to vet it will be obvious if the inability to relieve your dog is hampered by a decreased appetite, blood in very small quantities, and general lethargy. In mind, contributing to the overall health of your dog must be of paramount importance. A dog's love is so perfect, he or she is totally dependent on a healthy and harmonious life coverage. Be alert to any signs of stress and worry for his diet and exercise regime is appropriate and ongoing.

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