Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here is an insight on Tuna Fish Diet and its Review

Well like most people I had a bit of weight during the winter and decided to try and take off a bit. I just needed to about losing 10 pounds or so in my normal weight as stupid as it seems in three days I decided to try to give the tuna diet. I thought it was fast and not too complicated, so no harm if it does not work. So I went to the supermarket with my shopping list.
For those who have never heard of this diet, in fact it comes to eating tuna every day for a meal and you suppose that is about 10 pounds, right in my sweet spot to lose. You can use different variations of it online, you may have even had it shipped to you via e-mail spam. I must say I'm a little adjustment and eat tuna every day at lunch on day three I was suppose to eat dinner, but other than that I ate what food he told me. I'm sure it had no drastic effect on my performance.
My first day of the 3-day diet tuna is very easy as it seems hardly a diet completely. Not sure what this says about my normal diet. On the second day I was a little hungry but it felt like I had missed a meal some where. On the third day even though I was hungry and very sick of tuna, I was not bothered by it too much if I knew it pretty much passes quickly.
I had my weight checked in the morning I started the 3-day diet tuna before breakfast, so I waited until the morning of day 4 before breakfast to focus on outputs. When I stepped on the scale of my stomach growling in anticipation I expected great things, and the net result is I lost the £ 2.5. That's probably the same as I would be lost if I just limited my diet a little during the 3 days. It is not difficult to stick to, but do not really think the results are more than you get with regular healthy diet. In the past, the Dean Ornish diet is the diet I have the most success with but it is difficult to maintain.

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