Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tips and ideas on How to Stop Your Dog's Excessive Licking

If your dog licks everything, you can easily stop this behavior once you understand the real reason for his licking.
To get to the bottom of this mysterious and compulsive dog behavior you want to see two causes for excessive licking
Medical-A dog excessive licking can do this because of a medical condition such as a skin allergy, dry skin, irritation of the pads on his legs due to contact with ice, snow or salt on a road. He is an allergic reaction to detergents, a sensitivity to certain soaps or discomfort due to a serious condition such as arthritis of the dog, common in senior dogs.
It's a good idea to visit with your dog to the vet to take any medical reason for his licking. If a medical condition, your veterinarian may prescribe a simple way that will help give your dog and stop dog licking big.
Behavioural Non-medical causes for excessive licking in dogs is most likely that conduct disorders based. Many dog ​​trainers believe that the cause is fear. Your dog may lick excessively that someone will notice him, as a sign of affection, or a message. That message in a language dogs some things mean when I want to go for a walk, I love you, I want to play, I want to eat, I feel fear, or I miss you and want to come back. The latter manifests itself as separation anxiety when you are away.
2 ways to stop your dog's excessive licking days
Once the specific cause of the size of your dog licks you can take steps to stop it. Let's use of separation anxiety as an example. If you conclude that your dog licks excessively when you leave your house, you can easily solve this problem.
Start leaving his house for short intervals without a fuss when you leave. No announcements or good bye. Just leave and come back without fanfare in 5 minutes. Repeat the process and extends them to 10 minutes. Do it again, this time for 20 minutes, then to one hour. Before long you will be able to leave home a few hours and return to a few hours later without your dog responds by excessive licking.
Another simple technique you can use to your dog licking big stop is to divert his attention. When he starts to lick his paws, your face on the floor or something to catch his attention and throw a ball for him to pick. He'll soon forget licking, because he has more fun with a ball!.

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