Monday, March 14, 2011

Which birds are good as a pet for your home?

Birds make great pets, but it needs to make a good decision for your new companion. A little knowledge before making your choice you can get headaches on the road and ensure that you and your new pet get along just fine in the coming years. Buying a bird for a pet is not difficult.
There is a very clever birds, cockatiels and lovebirds, birds that talk, like parrots and Mynah birds singing as canaries, which is fun to watch, such as finches.
Some of these properties to traverse. For example, he cockatiels learn to talk and whistle. Actually, a friend of mine one who would ask him: "Where is my baby?" and even whistle the theme to Andy Griffith Show.
If you like small birds, maybe go to the finches, lovebirds and parakeets. If you are not intimidated by large birds, a parrot, macaw, cockatoo or maybe Conure a good companion.
If you are on a budget, get a Budgie, a parakeet. They are not only affordable, but they make great pets for children. Most of them are beautifully colored and can be very affectionate if you spend time with them. Some even learn to talk.
If you want something more exotic and garish, try a large parrot. They can learn to talk and do tricks and they love to show. These colorful birds can be very loving, once you have earned trust.
Certainly, it is not a comprehensive list of birds make good pets. Some people even doves and pigeons, among others. One thing that you do not want to do is a wild bird, a pet. They do not fit well, they do not go to people and they can carry diseases.
Usually you can find larger bird, the bigger mess. Birds can be messy, because their food all over, especially when they are shells of nuts and seeds to break. But it is worth. You can buy supplies to reduce these unwanted junk.
Not in a hurry when you go shopping for your bird. Planning to spend some time looking at various birds. You'll quickly discover that they have different personalities. If you are a relaxed person, maybe you want a casual bird. If you are outgoing, you may want one that is proactive and goes up to greet you when you approach the cage.
Remember, a sweet bird calls, but they do not connect with "on and off" switches. If you are not prepared for a noisy bird, do not get a parrot or a cockatoo. Sure you can usually put them temporarily by placing a cover over their cage or put them in a dark room, but it is not fair. Understand what you are getting before you buy or adopt your new friend.
You decide which bird is right for you as a pet, be honest and make sure that you will be dedicated to give your new friend a happy family. Birds that enjoy attention and good care. If you take good care of them, you companions with them for decades, so be prepared to assume responsibility.

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