Monday, March 28, 2011

Gather some basic insight on Black Koi fish

Black Koi fish are clearly different from other koi fish mainly because of their large color variations. Other than that it is typically the same as other colored koi. Koi come in many different colors making them very attractive.
They are actually considered a unique and farmed fish are known for their striking colors and patterns. Generally black koi live more than 30 years, but it is not a typical life span for this species. The male and female koi fish are easily distinguishable by their anal configurations.
That men have more anal cavity, and their heads have separate incubators. These fish can spawn many thousand eggs. Baby koi fish are called fry and their survival is strongly dependent on the temperature of the water. They can not survive for very cold water.
A young person is not as colorful as adults, but their color patterns become prominent by 3 weeks old. The first Koi bred by the Japanese were only two black. But years of breeding they could more shades of color with colored patterns and combinations to produce. Black Koi is one of the most common variant, but there are other beautiful colored koi.
Black Koi can grow as long as 4 feet. When breeding these fish, especially for a bigger pond to build them. Magoi Koi was first cultivated black koi can grow to thirty inches in length. It is not really black in color, but instead is bronze. From across the water, but it gives a black color. Magoi is known that the growth of other species by its blood products to maximize.
One of the oldest types of black koi is known as Karasu or crow in Japanese. They are colored black in the fins and body, but some were bred with some color on their belly is usually white or orange.
Unique species of black koi Matsukawa Bake come in exciting color variations due to temperature and season. The change in color is also affected by the food being fed. The original black Matsukawa Bake saved as there is no temperature differences.
Much love to Dragon fish is known as a black koi Kumonryu race. It was first seen in 1980 and has grown in popularity since then. This fish has an enchanting body structure that a dragon is often seen in Japanese paintings seems.
This type of koi is capable of changing the color except black. They are beautiful idea of ​​a pilot who rise through the sky white clouds.
The beauty of black koi can be very charming with its glamorous patterns of color combination and their ability to change color according to the current temperature of the water. Taking care of Koi fish can be entertaining, and the black Koi are the species is a common favorite for everyone.

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