Monday, March 7, 2011

Here is an insight on Louisiana starlings which have fallen dead from the sky

We've all heard hundreds of cases now dead starlings Louisiana recently air. These dead birds littering quarter km from the highway in Pointe Coupes Parish. While state biologists continue to work tirelessly for the exact cause of death for 500 birds in addition to providing the latter explanation is based on the concept that the fireworks were the author of this dead bird new year.
That's less than a week ago Beebe Arkansas reported 3,000 dead birds lying on their stomachs in large groups. Research on the Arkansas bird show their serious internal injuries resulting from blood clots ago. Experts report that a number of reasons why birds do not fall from the sky, such as disease, famine or cold fronts, where the body heat of the bird to fly. An explanation was proposed that a high pressure system north came down and started to coincide with a low pressure system in the south, causing air turbulence caused in birds fall from the sky. Remember also that the Beebe area on the border area in New Madrid fault and it may be a precursor to a major earthquake in the near future.
Another suggestion made fireworks or explosives involved. People in nearby towns report hearing a series of unexplained blows a few times. They argue that the noise was similar to what you hear gun shots. Suppose that the government experimented with sound weapons. All they do is to determine the exact frequency that the birds killed.
red-winged blackbirds, as if this were not enough to shake up the local game of the Arkansas Fish and agencies trying to determine why 100,000 fish in the northwestern part of death against the state. Found 20 miles along a section of the Arkansas River between Highway 109 and the bridge of the dam had Ozark An estimated 100,000 dead fish drum that had washed ashore.
The disease appears to be a possible cause of these fish died as a pollutant would have several types found in the river is affected. Fish is a low battery charger that scientists may be able to point in the right direction. Some of these fish were collected alive, but he seems visibly ill. These fish were taken to a laboratory analyst.
Working our way along the coast, we are Gilbertsville Kentucky, where several birds were discovered out of nowhere. The excuse of it is from Cornell University, a biologist suggests that the birds were sleeping in a tree like a thunderstorm sucked into the air, all dazzled and kill them all soaked and chilled.
Only the other day a similar situation occurred in Baltimore, Maryland, where a flock of birds mysteriously appeared and became an invisible wall just fell from the sky. In this case falls birds was causing a traffic accident. Here in Maryland, said the State Ministry of Environment that the thousands of fish recently scouring the coast probably died of stress associated with cold water. These fish pogy, thin spots, swam to warmer waters before tackling serious cold. Nobody seems to understand why fish are not.
Maybe the oil spill in the Gulf has reached over oceans than we thought. Could this be the problem along the coast? The manifest may be legendary HAARP cause of all these deaths? If you think that the real purpose of HAARP is to control the time, this can be a valid explanation for the bird and fish kills reported in Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Maryland. scalar electromagnetic weapons that can manipulate the environment may be responsible for mass mortalities of birds. With over 3000 dead birds I remembered hearing how some tests with the use of HAARP on the Ionosphere left many dead birds resulting electromagnetic waves. That's less than a decade ago, our military-industrial complex, of course, such a test.
Perhaps maybe the problem lies in the operations of SG-MRS as persistent contrails .. Has anyone thought about the consequences of the next massive solar flares which are planned for 2012? Or if you think these birds are Guinea pigs in a newly formed DNA virus designed to attack only specific models of DNA.
Now that we've heard all the facts and theories of science fiction have been proposed let me inject my own little fantasy in this case. In another related story that fans of conspiracy, as well as dead birds and a fish of the greatest American specialists in chemical and biological weapons. John P. Wheeler III was brutally murdered after he allegedly threatened to poison gas as thousands of our military testing of animals killed in Arkansas last week reveal. His military career in writing because one of the most important books in America based on the performance of both biological and chemical weapons. In this guide, which Wheeler said he has recommended that the U.S. is not biological weapons.
If the story of the plot remains planes for aerial spraying of Little Rock AFB and in recent months has been involved in trials of dispersing the poison gas in the country of Afghanistan. The gases were collected from the stockpile of chemical weapons produced after the fall of Iraq and had already taken place at Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas.
If these details very closely, you will remember that America has already accused Russia of not all weapons of mass destruction held by the public Pine Bluff Arsenal. We're talking 63,000 tons a toxic gas known as phosgene. This is one of the most feared chemical weapons of existence as literally the airways and lungs to explode.
It was reported that a KC-767 takeoff from Little Rock in Afghanistan has developed a fault which causes a computer to begin aerial spraying in central Arkansas, killing blackbirds on the wing.
Apparently, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency was quickly removed, and 5,000 birds while wearing gas masks and hazmat suits. Escaped a report said the cause of death of birds has been a "trauma of breast tissue" causing the formation of blood clots in the body cavity. Surprise people because it is one of the characteristics of the phosgene exposure. It is also estimated that half of the mistakes of 100,000 dead fish in the Arkansas River caused in similar circumstances. Wheeler, of course, threatened to reveal what he knew that the chemical and biological weapons caused concern and was removed.
Now for all you people who think our government about the actions, if you allow me to recall some incidents that occurred in the past. In 1950, the government is the outdoor test as they watered the big cities like San Francisco or New York with "bacteria Serratia marcescens" or Bacillus globigii. CIA in 1955 brought a bacterial Tampa Bay to test the human population is infected. Again in 1966 the army abandoned "Bacillus subtilis" Alternative B. Niger in New York City subway system, while in 1977 the Senate hearings confirmed that 239 areas in the large population in America had been infected by various biological agents. From 1949 to 1969, has infected Washington DC, San Francisco, Key West, Minneapolis, Panama City and St. Louis.
In 1994, people in Oakville, reported the Washington small blobs of gelatinous mass sky and in 1997 the residents of Everett, Washington area reported a similar situation. Two CIA documents and the 1975 Congressional results showed that three locations in Florida, especially Key West, Avon Park and Panama City were used for experiments with the government of dengue fever transmitted by mosquitoes. special plane has published more than 600,000 mosquitoes in the area. In Avon Park, was 150,000 mosquitoes fell to earth in a paper bag that was designed to open during a crash. Each bag contained 1,000 insects. Some mosquitoes also carried yellow fever.
So there you have people like me leave to your imagination and fact gathering to the truth or fiction of this article solids. I do not pretend to have all the answers, but I tried to give readers a starting point. Good luck and you can safely.

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