Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things that one can do to take care of their sick parrort

Sick parrots can be very scared of an owner, and although some ways they are very hardy animals when it comes to illness, they are not invincible. They do not really have a strong constitution, so like all other living creatures, they have some good quality care when they are sick. A simple illness can elevate themselves to a fatal condition that can not be recovered if a parrot owner is not vigilant.
If you see your parrot always less active than what it is, you should immediately verify that it is not sick. If it must be taken to the vet immediately. But there are times when a veterinarian is not readily available and you may need to care for a while until you parrot can be treated with professional help.
Here are some ideas that can help to ensure a sick parrot.

* Heat: parrots like to keep warm and will spend most of their energy metabolism and body heat to keep approximately 104 degrees. The very first thing you should do is to support the birds by creating artificial heat for what they are and thus its energy to manage the disease. Cold temperatures can increase the disease, so you have the cage away from drafts.
* Humidity: provide a moist condition of the parrot is required if the sick bird respiratory system is involved in the disease. A moist breathing and can easily keep the air passage of the bird Fri A vaporizer or humidifier will work fine, otherwise you can see the regular cage in the bathroom and run hot water in the shower. To know whether the bird respiratory system is involved in disease can consider the following: click sounds during breathing, a discharge from the nostrils, labored breathing or opening their mouths to breathe.
* Fluids: A sick bird is easily dehydrated, and the best thing you can do is a lot of moisture so it can stay hydrated. A sick parrot is sure to drink plenty of water does not of itself, so you need to administer fluids, especially when the temperature is increased and digestion can be disturbed. Try to give the electrolyte solution, apple juice or even water using your finger or a spoon or pipette.
* Food: good food should be given to a sick parrot, so it can increase the energy to fight bird's illness. The best you can give a sick bird is much easier to digest carbohydrates and other topics. Some examples are: baby rice cereal, molasses, papaya juice, honey, cream of wheat.
If the parrot will not eat or regurgitates his food may have sour crop does not force you to eat. This is a serious disease that requires immediate attention because a parrot can only go a few days without eating, and when the acid plant, chances are it will not eat at all.
A sick bird should always be isolated and away from other birds, as it will be picked up by stronger birds, but also where it has a disease that can spread. A sick bird should be kept in a quiet area, just as you would a sick child. Cover her cage most of the light to entertain and put a cage in a warm (not hot) place not on a design. Avoid too noisy around the bird so it can all rest.

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