Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dog Mounting Problems

Among the many dog ​​dominance behavior, which may be surrounded by more myths than any other dog mounting problems and dog humping women. No, contrary to popular belief, this nasty dog ​​instinctive behavior has absolutely nothing to do with sex. How embarrassing, but for those who do not know this!
"Do not worry," I said to a client who was bright red when he started his puppy trying to mount my. Visibly, the client wanted to dig a hole and hide. He was shocked! His dog was aggressive in his attempts to mount and dog humping dog of mine, especially to the head. (My good-natured, big dog lightly shook him.)
"I never knew my dog ​​was weird," he said very sheepishly and apologetically. I could not contain my laughter when I reassured the man that it was not. How often is the misunderstanding? In the dog world, there is no such thing as a "gay dog!"
A dog is mounted on the head of a second, or even his penis sheath, is quite common. Mounting specifications dog is seriously trying to seize control over all others. The coating is to release its fragrance in the second dog to preach to everyone else that he won the battle over this.
Consider this fact: When a male mounts a female for mating purposes, equipment not miss its target. He did not forsake him in the right place. If his intentions were sexual man to another, it would happen. Note that his aim while driving back from the other dog is more than the back and tail, no tail. It's not sexual! Riding on the back of another dog is throwing the first dog on him. It is a reminder that "Hey, you're not the boss here!"
If the dog mounts another head, he goes to one of the most extreme expression of dominance in the dog world. The head is the highest part of the dog. To face down, the dog from its highest point. It's all about who is more than anyone else.
When a dog's penis and liquid releases, the dog that was leaked to the odor of the dominant forces bear unsheathes. It is a very powerful odor, and continues for a while, making the low quality evident for many miles - and even to other packages within aroma range.
Dogs are constantly trying to dominate each other. The dog instinctive behavior, including the rituals they go through every time they meet. The dogs will first size each other through eye contact. If one surrenders to continue lying, then leadership is settled. If not, the real struggle for dominance begins.
If they struggle with the dominant dog's position, the dogs stay together until a sandwich mount the subservient and turns his eyes away. Until his eyes completely lit surrender not happened and the dog who loses can attempt a surprise attack against the other. Beware!
We gay sapiens usually prefer the challenge of playing a "rock-paper-scissors", a mind game like chess or Scrabble, or a socially acceptable ballgame. It is less painful for the public eye.
Have you ever seen dog fights break out when the dogs jockey for position, penetration or dare stare-down. But normally, a dog lifts its head higher than the others, and a lower principal surrenders.
This is clearly an instinctive dog behavior, dogs often go through a ritual. I recommend anyone interested in the question of dominance and this dog behavior experts to investigate for themselves. Dog humping dog women and increasing problems have nothing to do with sex, and they can be resolved. Remember that there is no such thing as a "gay dog!"

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