Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here is an insight on Bird feeders

Many people enjoy putting out bird seed for their feathered neighbors. But squirrels also attracted to food and squirrels, as many animals are very resourceful and determined when it comes to safe food. Their ability to jump and they can easily climb into bird feeders, even those who have tried to strategically place beyond their reach. Separate insert squirrel feeders, which is convenient for them, nor prevent them robbing bird feeders. Birdwatchers have reinvented over the years more feeders. Primary bird feeders squirrel proof strategies are:
Put bird feeders away from trees or branches within jumping distance of squirrels. This is often done by mounting feeders on poles or on the ground. Of course this is a new problem: The squirrels may try to climb bird feeder poles! A few things that can be done to make it difficult for squirrels to climb into the feeder. Some people have tried to Vaseline to add a post to be too slippery to climb, but it is not efficient for long and is certainly sloppy. PVC pipes are also used to support the pole mounted feeders, because the shiny surface is difficult to climb.
Add physical barriers, such as a squirrel baffle for bird feeder pole and / or adding cage around the feeder housing. Squirrel baffles are often used to deter insects climbing up a pole for pole mounted feeder, because they are cheap. These are usually only partially effective themselves, though. One would think that wire cages around the tube feeders squirrels would take to reach birdseed. These are not as aesthetically appealing, which is annoying if you want to shoot your bird friends. The cage can also be defeated by persistent squirrels. If you do not believe me, just try a quick search on YouTube for bird feeders squirrel proof.
Use feeders with weight sensors. Bird feeders provide advanced weight-sensitive perches are also imported. This can feel the weight of a squirrel and responds by closing the feed ports or tilt or rotary feeder. Closure of ports makes it difficult for a squirrel to birdseed and tipping or rotational movement to steal makes it difficult for a squirrel to be mounted on the feeder. Closure of the gates are not always as effective as it sounds, but when the squirrel can figure out how these models to swing sideways to shake the seeds. Again there are squirrels and other animals very particular when it comes to ensuring food! Feeders that are designed to effectively run as the weight of a squirrel could be detected to drive the squirrel without harming it. They are also expensive to buy, but may be worth in savings on bird seed and annoyance. Many people also like to see squirrels take a turn at the feeder!

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