Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here are few tips for fish keeping

It can be difficult to keep discus fish. This is especially true if you want them healthy and free from the disease. It is likely that you do not know how to go about preventing your pet sick. So the following will be some advice on how to care for your fish. Therefore, you will know the best way to keep a discus.
The advice about keeping discus fish include:
1. To begin, make sure you keep your discus in a group. You have to keep at least six other fish. As they fish shallower, they should be in groups. This is one way your dog healthy and happy. Besides, if you want, your other fish to your Discus.
2. Another piece of advice on keeping discus fish in the aquarium water clean and uncontaminated with chlorine or heavy metals. A water purifier is one of the most effective ways to do this. It is enough if your tap water, which is very clean. Make sure to attach the tank away from the doors could open. This could be your discus stressful, and if they have high levels of stress, they are more likely to get sick.
3. The third advice on discus fish is to feed them pellets, flakes or bloodworms. Porkhearts Beefheart and is also suitable. Get a schedule for feeding your fish, so it gives them a sense of regularity and they will recognize the time is appropriate for them to feed.

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