Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gather some knowledge on Treatments for Dog Depression

Yes, dogs can also depressed. It is not uncommon to see a dog start acting differently when certain things happen. For example, if someone cares for them goes away, your dog sit in the doorway when the person is at home, staring at the door. If the person gives the dog probably return to normal behavior.
Dog Symptoms of depression
Your dog may seem mopey. He / she may be lethargic or slow moving. They may stop eating and can not drink enough water. Symptoms of depression dogs remarkably similar to those in humans. Depression in dogs can be very dangerous, especially if they stop eating or drinking enough water.
Dog Causes of Depression
Grief can be a trigger for pet depression. If they have a playmate for a while and the other dog dies, your dog is trying to pretend that the other pets there. They may be sad and mope around.
A change of environment where a dog is moved to a new house or a kennel can also cause your dog feel depressed and stop eating or drinking. Home or getting used to the new house will probably see your dog depression begins to lift.
Chemical imbalances in general in the brain may be to blame. Like humans, there are chemicals in the brain that helps to monitor the vote. Treatment can be very effective for your dog.
The weather changes have long been known that depression affects in animals. Have you heard that animals can always tell about the weather? She knows her people will storm it.
Treatments for Dog Depression
Medications are often used for dogs, including Prozac. Your veterinarian may recommend that your dog gets anti-depressant. This is often an effective treatment for dogs.
Try the activity for your dog to raise. Take them to a new site for their turn. Exercise helps sized lease certain chemicals in the brain to make your pet feel better.
If your pet has lost a playmate, you could try to expose him to other dogs. You can also try Doggy Day Care. If you read y to consider purchasing a second dog. This can help provide some relief from your pet's depression
Dogs may experience depression as men. There are medications to pets and other non-medical options. Your veterinarian can help you decide which avenue of treatment for depression dog would be suitable for your pet.
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