Monday, March 14, 2011

Insight on Types of Bird Perches You Should Have in Your Birds Cage

It is so important that many different types of surface for your bird to perch on his home. If you think about your bird is never down or get out of his feet, so it is always on top of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when he sleeps. Can you imagine if you were standing on their feet for the rest of your life is just one type of surface? Imagine how your feet feel.
Supply of different types, sizes and textures perches is important for your health and well feathered friends. In nature, the birds will roost in a variety of activities that help them strengthen their feet and leg muscles. Our domesticated birds can not do in their homes (cages). By using a variety of perches can help prevent and relieve cage stress, boredom and related feather plucking, and strengthen the leg and foot muscles. These are the four types of birds to perch in your bird cage.
Rope perches
This bird perches are soft and tender and can be done in fun shapes for your bird to go around. At least I have a string of bass in all my bird cages. I bend it and make it into a kind of loop "S" over the cage. What makes it really good perches for your bird is tender. When a bird is forced to perch on a hard surface, they may have a constant irritation to the bottom of their feet are available in a soft perch allows your bird a chance to do something Tender at the bottom of their feet.
Natural hardwood perches, cholla
These perches mimic your best parrot natural environment. It provides a domestic bird a chance to experience life as they are in nature. It is important to make sure you vary the size, shape and diameter of perches. What's great about the bird perches is that they are natural, so they come with a variety of textures that will actually help your bird to build up his feet and leg muscles.
Perches, cement nail trimming
The perches are good for your wife and your bird. They help to keep your birds nails cut, so you do not have to do so often dreaded visits to the vet or bird shop. Ensure that your bird is not too long fingernails are extremely important. Long nails can get caught in toys and other items and your bird could get hurt trying to get their nails. Cement bird perches also a completely different type of texture to your bird to perch on.
Edible perches
It is a relatively new type of bird perch. The type of bird perch is just what the name says "food", which means your bird may chew and eat the kind of perch. Created by Bee Pollen Calcium and your bird can get important nutrients while you sit and gnaw away. I have hung from the top perch in the cage more like a toy or can be hung like a normal perch. My African Grey Jerry likes to sip his stick, and so is my cockatoo Marshmellow. I know they get if they eat calcium.
The important thing to remember is to keep your fur friend of many possibilities in his home. Note also that most birds will rise to the highest perch in their cages to sleep, so you need that high perch between all the different textures are available to others. That way your bird is not sleeping alone in the same kind of quiet night after night.

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