Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things that you can do to attract birds to your Garden

For nature lovers there is nothing better than to be able to see wild animals from their kitchen window, or sitting in the garden. Bird watching, most homeowners a bit of nature right to enjoy their own farm. But the birds must first attract them to view. Here are some tips on how to make decorative box and other items used to house their birds in your garden to draw.
Not all birds will nest box. Some prefer their homes in trees, fields and even in the open air. But there are different kinds of birds that want and even prefer to make their homes in man-made bird house. But for the birds on a decorative bird house to consider a house, first to attract birds to your garden. You can do this in several ways.
Bird Feeders
By placing bird feeders in your garden near where you place your birdhouses to encourage a variety of birds to visit you at home for a snack or a meal. Many birds will be more than eager to make their homes near an easily accessible source of food. This means that if you eat and a birdhouse in around half that those birds that prefer to home in an enclosed space, probably the use of home, give them, as they approach a source of food .
Bird Baths
Bird baths are an excellent way of birds to your garden and in the areas where you have placed bird house to attract. Birds love to swim and play in the water and they also appreciate a ready supply of drinking water is always available. Both have a constant supply of food and water in your garden for these winged creatures will surely make your garden a pleasant place for them to make their homes.
Provide them with nesting material
During a three-sided cage filled with nesting material in the spring will definitely great incentive for your feathered friends to make their homes in the neighborhood. This cage will be filled with twigs, feathers, wool, fiber scraps and everything else, the birds in your area like to use a nest. These self-service litter will encourage these birds to the home you provided for them to use.
Not every suit every bird Birdhouse
Remember, not all nest box is suitable for all types of birds. Know the birds in your area and a decorative birdhouse suitable for use in these special birds now. Although different birds make their home in decorative bird house, tits, finches and sparrows are easy to put gold and a joy to behold.
While decorative bird houses add charm to your garden or yard decor of themselves, make them obsessed with these wonderful feathered friends can make your garden come alive with singing, an activity you closer to nature and you hours of pleasure.

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