Sunday, March 27, 2011

What are some possible reasons that f Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

Dogs have this endearing element of tilting your head if you ask "What's next, or what do you mean?" People tilt their heads that they want to understand. But of course, dogs do this operation more sweet than people.
Like humans, dogs tilt their heads, even if they want to hear better. Dogs can easily communicate with each other only sniffing and growling. It would obviously be something different with man. Dogs are intelligent creatures, but we must realize that our actions and speech can be confusing for a dog. Notice how a new dog or puppy is captain for a while to see before acting on a command. This is because the dog is still in force on body language and speech to master. After a while you will discover that the dog would cock her head when she discovers that what the man says concerns him. The words and eat dog food would be an even tilt your head without actually seeing the food.
The dog would react to the slightest sound, by tilting the head. Something interesting dog will sit and perk his ears. Mostly this is due to the placement of the ears. Some breeds have hanging ears, the sound stops. Sound waves are often muffled by thick ears thickly covered with hair. The dog on the head, and cock that sound waves can pass the obstacle and reach eardrums. Dogs with erect ears rarely tilt their heads to hear more.
Normally a dog would tilt her head like the sound or the person speaking to them. Head tilt will not be necessary if the sound comes from the side, because the sound waves go right
The head tilt may mean that pets are infested with ear mites. Natural mites are more common in cats, but dogs get it. The head tilt may be a more serious medical consequences. This could mean that the ear is infected. It often happens that dog with big floppy ears. Because the inside of the ear is often hot and humid it was a wonderful bed for bacteria to grow. Encephalitis, a brain infection can also lead to head tilt. Brain Tumors and the dog lifts its head.
Some dogs are shown offs. They would tilt their heads because they know that their beloved masters amused and drive can get them a hug, a hug and a yummy treat.

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